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Swimwear For Women: Types, Sizes, Top Options And More!

Swimwear for women

Swimwear for women | hermagic

With every summer comes the perfect chance to don your best swimwear and make heads turn. There’s no way you can miss the chance to add a fashionable swimsuit to your wardrobe! This is why fashion is so great! Not only does it help you perfect the look, but it is also highly functional. Modern problems call for modern solutions, right? Fashion is no different! In this blog, we are going to ease your search. All you need is a working internet and Glamuse, and you’ll have jaw-dropping swimwear at your doorsteps in a couple of days. We won’t keep you hanging. Let’s dive in and see what types of swimwear for women you can experiment with! 

What are the Different Types of Swimwear for Women you can add to your wardrobe?

Well, fashion is not as complicated as you might think it is! Especially when we are talking about swimwear for women. In fact, all you need to choose between is the two main types of swimwear – one-pieces and bikinis – and you can easily get by! One-pieces are more bent towards the modest scale, providing you with all the coverage you ladies want! Bikinis, on the other hand, are more revealing, perfect for those who like their summers with a little risque on the side!

Now here’s the fun part! While these two are the major types of swimwear for women you need to care about, there are still a variety of different styles available within these categories that you can experiment with:


  • Tankinis: Tankinis usually have a separate top and bottom. Don’t mistake them for bikinis, though! They are still considered one piece as they come in the same pattern and fabric. The fact that you may mix and match them as you like is a plus! They are an excellent choice for women who want more coverage. 
  • Maillots: Maillots are as traditional as one-piece swimsuits can get. They basically cover the entire body. You can easily go for a variety of styles, from sporty to sexy.
  • Swim Dresses: Well, that is self-explanatory. Swim dresses are a type of one-piece swimsuit that looks precisely that – a dress. They are a good option for women who like to keep it modest or who want to go for a more feminine and flowy vibe!


  • Triangle Bikinis: The most traditional style of bikini is the triangle bikini. They are fashioned like triangles on top and bottom.
  • Bandeau Bikinis: Bandeau bikinis are swimsuits with a bandeau top. This strapless top crosses your chest directly, making you look more trendy.
  • Halter Bikinis: A halter top, or top that ties behind the neck, is the main feature of a halter bikini.
  • High-Waisted Bikinis: High-waisted bikinis have a bottom that rises above the waistline. This style is flattering on all body types and gives quite the old Hollywood vibe, and, honestly, who doesn’t love that?

How do I Choose the Right Size for Swimwear for Women?

Here comes the tricky part! While some ladies are quite well-versed in their sizes, some of us struggle. And there’s no judgement. We all can use a little bit of help, to be honest. When it comes to swimwear for women, the fit is the showstopper! We cannot stress it enough. A bad fit is basically a stunning swimsuit made mediocre!

While you are at it, you need to strike the perfect balance between stylish and comfortable. How do you do that? By nailing the size. All you have to do is measure your bust, waist, and hips. Once you have your digits, have a good look at a size chart and find out the right size swimsuit. Easy!

Though do remember to consider the style of the swimsuit you will be wearing when choosing a size. For example, if you’re choosing a one-piece swimsuit, make sure that it fits snugly in the chest and waist without being too tight. 

Where to Shop for Swimwear for Women?

As we said earlier, all you need is a working internet and Glamuse’s official website. While there are many different places you can shop for swimwear for women, we believe in one true spot where you can get the best of everything. Yes, Glamuse is that one-stop spot! 

These guys know what they are doing. They have a wide selection of swimwear in a variety of styles and sizes that you won’t be able to explore in a day, even if you want to. This leading online retailer is a hub for top brands like Aerie, Calvin Klein, and Speedo.

You can find the ideal swimsuit for your body type and personal style among their assortment of styles and sizes. In addition, Glamuse sells a wide range of additional items, such as beachwear, cover-ups, and accessories. Therefore, Glamuse is the ideal location for shopping whether you’re looking for a new swimsuit for your upcoming vacation or simply need some new beach gear.

Top 3 Swimwear For Women on Glamuse

1. LISE CHARMEL Pure Beauty


LISE CHARMEL Pure Beauty | hermagic

Starting with this beauty, the LISE CHARMEL Pure Beauty one-piece swimsuit offers the best combination of elegance and style. This swimsuit features a plunging neckline, showing just the perfect amount of skin! And you won’t have to worry about comfort as there are no underwires that will dig their way into your ribs. We know how painful those can be! If you are someone who appreciates both fashion and comfort, this swimwear for women, with its mesmerising hue and chic design, is your best bet. Dive into the pool or lounge by the beach with all the confidence in the world with this Pure Beauty swimsuit.



MIRACLESUIT The United | hermagic

The MIRACLESUIT The United one-piece swimsuit will bring out the confidence from your core. This shaping swimwear for women offers both style and support. Featuring moulded cups and underwires, you will be assured of a flattering silhouette. So, whether you’re planning a beach vacation or a day at the pool, The United is your go-to choice. It combines comfort and fashion seamlessly, allowing you to enjoy your time in the sun with utmost confidence.



MELISSA ODABASH Leopard Mind | hermagic

Want to make a bold statement? The MELISSA ODABASH Leopard Mind one-piece swimsuit is here to the rescue. Every woman deserves to own a weapon like this in their wardrobe! This swimsuit comes with a captivating leopard print design that’s hard not to look at. And with its well-designed underwire construction, you can get all the support you need without it being painful. With its timeless appeal and plunging neckline, you’ll turn heads wherever you go.


Finding the ideal swimwear doesn’t have to be difficult. Using our tips, you can pinpoint and buy women’s swimwear that not only fits well but also offers you confidence. You know where to look if you’re looking for a huge assortment of swimwear in a wide range of designs and sizes. Your reliable sidekick Glamuse will make you look and feel confident in no time. Don’t forget to visit HerMagic for more such updates. 


What materials are commonly used in women's swimwear?
Women’s swimwear is often made from materials that are comfortable and give you a great fit. Nylon, polyester, and spandex are some of the materials that are most frequently used to make women’s swimwear! 
Do swimwear options include one-pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and monokinis?
Yes, one-pieces, bikinis, tankinis, and monokinis are all alternatives for swimwear. Glamuse provides all of these sorts of swimwear for ladies at reasonable prices while maintaining an equal balance of design and function.
Are there sustainable or eco-friendly swimwear options available?
Yes, there are swimwear options that are environmentally friendly or sustainable. Some brands produce their swimwear using recycled materials like fishing nets and plastic bottles. Other brands make use of organic cotton and hemp as well as natural materials.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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