Wholeheartedly embrace & enjoy the single mum experience – here’s how!

Unbeknownst to the majority of the general public out there, being a single mum can be as joyous, rewarding, and as fun as more traditional family set ups. However, thinking that it’s all kisses and rainbows clearly misses the point that it is parenting, and like all parenting experiences, it does present pressures, challenges,  and complications that are all its very own. So here are some things we hope will help you on the single mum rollercoaster ride, so strap in!

Step out of the stigma

It never does go away does it, no matter how progressive we think we are as a society, the stigma of a single mum remains. It can hang over you like an overburdening shadow, causing you to overcompensate or even stifle at times – both of which are dangerous in the long run. Now, it may seem tough, but do try to shake off the stigma over time. Once its influence wanes, it will seem as if a huge weight has been lifted on your shoulders – thus liberated and empowered, you can go ahead and be the best parent you can be.

Deliver couple envy the coup de grace

At the start of your single parenting journey, you often tend to notice seemingly happy couples and families, and this makes you think that this is what you want for yourself and your children. However, not unlike the social media facade, which only projects the best parts of people’s lives and nothing else, this is often misleading. It’s time to face facts, will having a father figure help out in your situation? Well, probably. Is that an option right now? No. So, work with what you’ve got, and you can most definitely make it work! Dismiss the fantasy world, and please don’t wallow endlessly in self- pity.

Ready reckoner

As a single parent, there’s often no other adult to dish out the encouragement when a job’s done well – so cheat! Keep a ready reckoner of things that are to be done during the week, and at the end of the week check them off. This will ensure that you hit your goals, and more importantly, gives you an immense sense of pride and joy, not to mention a sense of achievement and encouragement. Now, try and wipe that smile of satisfaction off yer face!

Take care of number one

Getting kids ready for school, taking them on their playdates, attending their PTMs, managing everything from grocery to homeworks to finance– the list is endless.  As a single mum, you take it all on, and there’s not much time left for yourself. Invariably this leads to shredded nerves and a frazzled brain, and dare we say much more. Think about it; if that’s the stage you’re in, you’re hardly going to bring your Parenting A game, are you? So no matter how busy it gets, always regularly schedule some time for yourself – you will thank yourself later, and so will your kids.

So there you go, we do hope these ideas can help add more smiles, cuddles, and kisses to your life. So keep your chin up, screw your head on the right, and brace yourself for more wonderful single mum euphoric experiences!

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