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Roller Skates: Glide Into Fun, Fitness, And Fashionable Style


Roller Skates

Roller Skates | Hermagic

Picture this: the wind in your hair, the pavement beneath your wheels, and the joy of gliding effortlessly. Roller skates have been a symbol of timeless enjoyment, a way to embrace your inner child and stay active. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or lacing up for the first time, roller skates on Decathlon offer a fantastic blend of recreation, fitness, and style. So, let’s roll into the world of skates, explore the thrill they bring, and discover why they’ve been a beloved companion for all ages. Whether you’re chasing adventure, fitness, or pure exhilaration, roller skates have something special for everyone.

How to choose the right roller skates?

Choosing the right roller skates involves considering several factors to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience:

  1. Skating Style: Choose your preferred skating style, such as recreational, roller derby, artistic, or roller hockey, as this will influence your choice of skates.
  2. Skate Type: Roller skates come in two types: quad skates, designed for recreational and artistic use, and inline skates, ideal for speed and fitness.
  3. Fit: To ensure comfort and performance, ensure a snug fit by accurately measuring your foot size and following the manufacturer’s sizing chart.
  4. Boot Style: Roller skate boots come in various styles, including low-cut, high-top, and hybrid designs. High-top boots offer more ankle support, which is beneficial for beginners or those with ankle instability.
  5. Wheel Hardness: The durometer scale measures the hardness of roller skate wheels, with softer wheels ideal for indoor skating and harder ones for outdoor surfaces and increased speed.
  6. Wheel Size: Wheel size impacts stability and manoeuvrability, with smaller wheels offering better control and larger ones providing speed. Choose the appropriate size based on your skating type.
  7. Bearing Quality: Roller skate bearings determine how smoothly and efficiently the wheels roll. ABEC ratings (e.g., ABEC-5, ABEC-7) are used to assess bearing quality, with higher ratings indicating smoother performance.
  8. Brake System: Skating style can impact the presence of a brake system, with some skates featuring toe brakes, others using heel brakes, or none at all.
  9. Budget: Determine your roller skate budget by selecting skates that meet your needs while staying within your budget.
  10. Brand and Reviews: Conduct thorough research on reputable roller skate brands and read reviews from other skaters to gain insights into their quality, durability, and performance.

Selecting the right roller skates requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a safe and enjoyable skating experience.

The best roller skates available at Decathlon

1. Oxelo Quad 100 Children’s Roller Skates With A Hologram

Oxelo Quad 100 Children's Roller Skates With A Hologram

Oxelo Quad 100 Children’s Roller Skates With A Hologram | Hermagic

With the holographically-twist Oxelo Quad 100 Children’s Roller Skates, explore an amazing world of enjoyment. The purpose of these skates is to expose children to the fun of roller skating. They give each roll a pop of elegance with their holographic touch and sleek white finish. As your child develops, the adjustable sizing feature guarantees a snug fit, and the sturdy construction keeps them rolling for hours of fun and exploration.

2. Classic Retro Adjustable Roller Skates Raven Trista

The Classic Retro Adjustable Roller Skates from Raven Trista will transport you back in time. Because of its all-black style, which harkens back to a bygone age, these skates have a timeless appeal. Because of their adjustability, they fit a wide range of foot sizes comfortably. Roller skating brings back fond memories for many, and these black roller skates will provide endless hours of fun for those who discover or introduce the sport to newcomers.

3. Classic Retro Adjustable Roller Skates Raven Iris

Classic Retro Adjustable Roller Skates Raven Iris

Classic Retro Adjustable Roller Skates Raven Iris | Hermagic

Experience the magic of classic roller skating with the Raven Iris Retro Adjustable Roller Skates. In a sleek black design, these skates take you on a journey to the past while offering modern adjustability for a perfect fit. Rediscover the joy of skating with friends or enjoy solo adventures with these stylish and classic roller skates.

4. Nils extreme NQ14198 roller skates

The Nils Extreme NQ14198 Roller Skates bring a touch of contemporary style to your skating adventures. With a cool grey colour and sleek design, these skates are as fashionable as they are functional. Ideal for those who appreciate both form and function, these roller skates provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.

5. Rio Roller Signature roller skates

Rio Roller Signature roller skates

Rio Roller Signature roller skates | Hermagic

Make a statement with the Wrotki Rio Roller Signature skates. In a vibrant shade of pink, these skates are a delightful combination of style and performance. Whether you’re heading to the roller rink or cruising the neighbourhood, these skates are your ticket to fun and fashion on wheels.

6. Impala rollerskates – Marawa rose gold

Use the Impala Rollerskates in the Marawa Rose Gold edition to up your roller skating game. These skates are a glittering masterwork of functionality and design. Your skating experiences will feel more elegant and seductive with every roll, thanks to the rose gold polish.

7. SFR vision Canvas roller skates for children

SFR vision Canvas roller skates for children

SFR vision Canvas roller skates for children | Hermagic

Introduce your child to the joys of roller skating with the Sfr Vision Canvas Roller Skates. In classic black, these skates are designed for kids to learn and enjoy roller skating. The adjustable sizing and sturdy construction ensure safety and fun as they embark on their skating journey.

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Roller skates are a timeless and fun activity for children and adults. With various styles, designs, and sizes in roller skates, Decathlon offers a gateway to fun and unforgettable memories. They bring joy, freedom, and endless adventures, embracing the world of boundless smiles. Roller skates are a gateway to unbridled happiness, from children’s laughter to the inner child within us. So, lace up your skates from Decathlon’s collection, hit the pavement, and let the good times roll. Visit Hermagic for more information.


How long do roller skates last?
The lifespan of roller skates can vary based on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the quality of the skates. High-quality skates that are well-maintained can last for many years. However, for recreational skaters, they may last 3-5 years or more.
Do roller skates need to be tight?
Roller skates should offer a snug, comfortable fit without being too tight, ensuring better control and stability. A secure closure system, like laces, straps, or buckles, is crucial to prevent foot pressure and maintain a secure fit.
How do I know my roller skate size?
To determine roller skate size, measure your foot length in centimetres, consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart for the desired brand and model, and select a size corresponding to your foot length, ensuring the chart specifies men’s, women’s, or unisex sizing.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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