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Keep Things Organised: Plastic Storage Drawers For Households 

Plastic Storage Drawers

Plastic Storage Drawers | Hermagic

If you’re searching for a clean way to get clutter under control, plastic storage drawers are the final organizational device. They are mostly popular for being an easy storage solution and lightweight. Additionally, these long-lasting, stackable containers offer portable storage solutions that may be used all over the house and office. Plus, their transparent designs let you without difficulty view content. 

Why Choose Plastic Storage Drawers?

Yes, with tons of other options available in the market, why do plastic storage drawers are a good option for both small and large households? Here are some reasons why they make a good choice. 

Versatile Organization

From crafting elements and toys to storing important files and personal devices, plastic storage drawers provide versatile storage for in reality any free household items that need corralling.

Stackable Space Savers

Most plastic drawer sets can be stacked upwards to create vertical storage columns, maximizing every inch of area. They’re perfect for cramped closets, slim cabinets, and tucked-away nooks.

Portable and Mobile

With clean grasp-and-cross handles, you could take your plastic drawer storage wherever you need it – crafting table, storage workbench, transportable office cart, and more. They store all your small devices and accessories in one compact space. 

Long-Lasting and Sturdy

Made of long-lasting polypropylene plastic, those storage packing containers are constructed to withstand drops, bumps, and wear and tear while keeping them well protected, safely and securely.

Easy to Clean

Since plastic drawers are non-porous, they sincerely wipe clean with a moist cloth. No stubborn stains or odours to fear. They make a suitable choice for busy households that do not need heavy maintenance. 

Affordable Storage Solution

Even huge multi-drawer storage towers are extraordinarily low cost as compared to costlier organizational structures like custom shelving or wooden shelves. These cabinets are also long-lasting even though they are cost-effective. 

Affordable Plastic Storage Drawers 

1. Mobile Tower Unity with 3 Jumbo Drawers – Volcanic Ash with Frosted Drawers 

Mobile Tower Unity with 3 Jumbo Drawers - Volcanic Ash with Frosted Drawers 

Mobile Tower Unity with 3 Jumbo Drawers – Volcanic Ash with Frosted Drawers | Hermagic

The Mobile Tower Unity with 3 Jumbo Drawers in Volcanic Ash with Frosted Drawers is a flexible storage solution perfect for organizing towels and blankets. Its glossy layout seamlessly integrates into any area, offering both functionality and style. Crafted with sturdiness in thoughts, it offers sufficient storage with three spacious jumbo drawers, ideal for accommodating numerous devices. 

The volcanic ash finish adds a touch of modern-day elegance, while the frosted drawers decorate aesthetic appeal. Whether utilized for towels, blankets, or different belongings, this unity offers comfort and an easy storage solution. Shop now to upgrade your living space! 

2. Medium 3 Drawer Storage Tower – Rattan Effect 

The Medium 3 Drawer Storage Tower exudes each capability and aesthetic appeal with its rattan impact design. Featuring three spacious drawers, it gives adequate storage for organizing numerous objects. Its medium size makes it flexible for use in any room, from bedrooms to dwelling spaces. 

The rattan impact adds a hint of beauty to the decor, seamlessly blending with a range of interior styles. Whether used for storing clothes, add-ons, or household necessities, this storage tower gives a stylish solution for decluttering and keeping an organized space. Shop now and upgrade your home space. 

3. Large Rattann Effect 3 Drawer Storage Tower – White 

Large Rattann Effect 3 Drawer Storage Tower - White

Large Rattann Effect 3 Drawer Storage Tower – White | Hermagic

The Large Rattan Effect three Drawer Storage Tower in White offers both practicality and aesthetic charm. With its spacious drawers, it offers sufficient storage for books, socks, toys, and more, keeping your space organized and muddle-free. The rattan effect design provides a hint of natural elegance, seamlessly blending with any decor style. Its durable production ensures long-lasting impact, while the white finish adds a fresh and modern-day vibe to any room. Whether used within the bedroom, dwelling room, or workplace, this storage tower combines optimal functionality with fashionable sophistication to beautify your private home surroundings.

4. Really Useful Boxes – Clear – 0,3L 16 Box Set 

This set of 16 clear storage boxes, each with an ability of 0.3 litres, offers a realistic DIY solution for organizing toys and small items. Their transparent design permits clean visibility of contents, making it handy to discover particular devices. These containers are stackable, maximizing storage area while maintaining assets smartly prepared. Their long-lasting plastic material ensures a lasting impact, ideal for busy families or DIY enthusiasts. With this set, managing clutter will become a breeze, offering a tidy and efficient storage solution for various needs without compromising on style or functionality.

5. Linea Large 3 Drawer Storage Tower – White 

Linea Large 3 Drawer Storage Tower - White 

Linea Large 3 Drawer Storage Tower – White | Hermagic

Tired of small times lay around? It’s time to find a good storage solution.  This well-designed Linea Large 3-drawer storage is a must-have for those who are looking for an ample storage solution. This allows maximum storage solution without taking much of your home space. Shop now and expand your home space by keeping your small times well organized. 

What to Store in Plastic Storage Drawers

These flexible storage powerhouses can prepare truly any space. 

Craft Room

Wrapping paper, paint, brushes, ribbon, glue, fabric, needlework materials

Kid’s Room

Toys, games, puzzles, art resources, sports systems, crammed toy animals. 


Important documents, electronics, stationery, table add-ons, and more. 

Sewing Room

Thread, fabrics, scissors, pins, needles, material swatches, and more. 

Tool Storage

Nails, screws, hardware, small gear, and materials. 

Bathroom Storage

Makeup, hair add-ons, first useful resource, medicinal drugs, and more. 


The Plastic storage drawers are not only cheaper but they are less cumbersome to move around. Easy to set up in any area of your house and get all your things to store well. Maximizing your living space is now even more hassle-free thanks to handy multi-drawer plastic storage units on Homebase! Shop now on Homebase and get the best deals on any plastic storage. 

For more information visit Hermagic.


How durable are plastic storage drawers?
Durable plastic materials tend to last for good years. With proper care, they last for 3-5 years or more. 
Can plastic storage drawers fit heavy items?
It depends on how heavy the items are. Generally, plastic storage cabinets do not support heavy times with big sizes. However, heavy small items are suitable for plastic storage. 
Are plastic storage drawers easy to assemble?
Yes, the plastic storage towers are easy to assemble since they are designed to be easily dismantled and assembled for storage purposes.


Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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