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A Complete Guide To Designing Eye-Catching And Personalised Wedding Cards

Personalised Wedding Cards

Personalised Wedding Cards | Hermagic

We all understand the importance of a big day like a wedding event. To make sure your bid day is just perfect the first step is designing beautiful and welcoming wedding cards. And the best way to get this done is through personalised wedding cards! It’s not just about getting your wedding cards ready but also making it important for your guests to see how meaningful they are. They create a first impression of love and bonding Among this information, wedding ceremony invitations hold a unique place. 

They no longer simply inform your guests about the critical details of your wedding ceremony but additionally set the tone and style of your big day. Personalised wedding cards, specifically, add a unique touch that reflects your persona and love tale. 

The Importance of Personalised Wedding Cards Invitations

Wedding invitations serve several important purposes.

  • First Impression: before the actual day arrives what really matters is how you create the first impression to your guests. It also highlights a glimpse of what your wedding expects to be and welcomes invites of your love and gratitude. Personalised wedding cards open the door to this possibility. 
  • Essential Information: Along with thematic design include venue information and more in a subtle and impressive manner; Including a dress code if needed so, your guests get the idea of what your wedding is expected to be. 
  • Keepsake: Personalized wedding invitations regularly become loved keepsakes for both the couple and their visitors, serving as a souvenir of the special day.

Why Choose Personalised Wedding Cards?

Personalised wedding cards offer multiple benefits over flexible, off-the-shelf invitations.

  • Unique to You: Personalized invites reflect your particular style, character, and love story. They are tailored mainly to you and your accomplice, making them one-of-a-kind.
  • Creative Expression: Personalised wedding cards permit you to get innovative with designs, colours, fonts, and wording. You can incorporate factors that are significant to you, along with a favourite quote, a custom monogram, or a unique motif.
  • Cohesive Theme: Customised invites assist create a cohesive topic in your wedding, ensuring that each factor, from the invites to the décor, aligns perfectly.
  • Memorable Impact: Personalised wedding cards are much more likely to have a lasting influence on your visitors, making them experience unique and excited to attend your wedding.

Steps to Create Personalised Wedding Cards

Creating personalised wedding invitation cards includes numerous steps, every requiring careful consideration and creativity.

1. Define Your Wedding Theme and Style

Before starting off with your wedding card design, make sure to have your wedding theme ready. It helps to personalise wedding cards faster and in deciding whether you need an outdoor event or an indoor event. 

2. Set a Budget

Wedding invitations can vary substantially in value, depending on the level of customization, materials, and printing techniques. Set a price range early directly to make certain you can gain your favoured level of personalization without overspending. Keep in mind that extra factors like envelopes, inserts, and postage also can affect your finances.

Choose a Design

Selecting a layout is one of the most interesting components of making customised wedding playing cards. Here are a few layout factors to don’t forget.

  • Colours: Choose colours that suit your wedding subject. Consider the usage of a shade palette generator or consulting with your stationery clothier to locate the correct colourations.
  • Fonts: Select fonts that complement your wedding style. Elegant scripts work nicely for formal weddings, while playful, handwritten fonts are outstanding for casual or rustic topics.
  • Graphics and Motifs: Incorporate photographs, illustrations, or motifs that keep non-public importance. This will be something from a floral layout that matches your bouquet to an illustration of your wedding venue.
  • Monograms and Crests: Custom monograms or crests can add an advanced and personal touch to your invitations.

Craft the Wording

The wording for your wedding invitations has to be clear, concise, and reflective of the tone of your wedding ceremony. Here are some hints for crafting the suitable wording.

  • Personal Touches: Add private touches like a fave quote, a short poem, or a heartfelt message to make your invitations genuinely unique.

Select Materials and Printing Techniques

The substances and printing techniques you select can appreciably affect the appearance and feel of your wedding ceremony invites. Here are some options to not forget.

  • Paper Types: High-great paper could make a large difference. Options consist of textured paper, recycled paper, or speciality papers like vellum or linen.
  • Printing Techniques: Various printing strategies can upload a hint of luxury to your invites. These consist of letterpress, foil stamping, embossing, and virtual printing. Each method gives a different appearance and feel, so pick out one that enhances your design and price range.
  • Embellishments: Consider including gildings such as ribbons, wax seals, or custom envelope liners for extra contact with beauty.

Assemble and Send

When your personalised wedding ceremony cards arrive, it is time to bring them together and send them out. Here are a few guidelines for an easy execution.

  • Assembly: Assemble your invitations cautiously, taking note of any extra factors like inserts or elaborations. Consider the usage of an assembly line method to streamline the system.
  • Addressing: Hand-address your envelopes for a non-public touch, or keep in mind hiring a calligrapher in case you need a greater elegant appearance. Ensure you have suitable addresses for all your visitors.
  • Postage: Weigh your invites to determine the appropriate postage. Some invitations may require more postage due to their weight or length. Consider the usage of decorative stamps that healthy your wedding theme.

Where do you get the Best and Personalised Wedding Cards? 

Check out Moonpig’s collections of the best and personalised wedding cards on a wide range of themes. These customisable wedding cards can be edited on its website under the cheapest affordable plans. Simply choose the wedding card theme and design that will match your wedding theme and venue. It also offers different options for paid personalised wedding cards editing such as the following.

  • eCard at A$7.99: The prepared wedding card is right away sent to your email. 
  • Standard card A$7.99:  It offers options for editing messages or quotes as well. 
  • Large Card +A$5.00: Choose the favourite of your choice. 


Moonpig’s personalised wedding cards are a beautiful and meaningful manner to invite your loved ones to cherish your big day. By taking the time to layout and create particular invites that mirror your character and love tale, you can set the precise tone for your wedding ceremony and create an enduring effect for your visitors with Moonpig’s customisable wedding cards. Remember, the key to a hit of unique wedding cards lies in considerate planning, interest in the element, and a hint of creativity.  If you are planning this summer wedding wait no more check out Moonpig’s collections now!

For more information visit Hermagic


Why are wedding cards important?
They are important because it’s the official way of announcing your wedding day and also formally inviting your friends and family to be part of your marriage ceremony. 
Should wedding invitations be personalised?
Yes, they can and should be personalised to match your wedding event and themes as well. From adding quotes to designing the background there is everything you can do to make it extra customised. 
Where do you look for online personalised wedding cards?
For budget-friendly expenses visit Moonpig to get affordable customisable wedding cards.









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