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London Fashion Week 2024: Revealing The Best Runway Looks Of 2024

london fashion week 2024

london fashion week 2024 | hermagic

The kickoff of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 included a special tribute to 30 years of Newgen, the British Fashion Council’s program that has supported many designers showcased in the event. The Design Museum hosted the exhibition titled ‘Rebel: 30 Years of London Fashion’, spotlighting the rebellious design trends that have defined British fashion for the past three decades. 

Throughout the week, emerging London designers like Aaron Esh and Chopova Lowena showcased their innovative work. So, take a sneak peek at the London Fashion Week coming out in 2024 and which designers have made their debut in the event.

London Fashion Week 2024 Date, Time, and Location

While the Spring/Summer 2024 show has already taken place from 15th September to 19th September 2023, the Fall event is yet to take place starting from February 16 to February 20, 2024. The city will surely be buzzing with creativity and style as it hosts London Fashion Week. During these days, the city will turn into a fashion runway, featuring both famous designers and new talents showcasing their latest collections. 

The event promises a mix of styles and trends that will influence the world of fashion. Fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and media will be there to witness this dynamic and diverse showcase, blending innovation, tradition, and artistic expression in one of the global fashion hubs. 

Designers and Brands

Designers and Brands | hermagic

Which Designers and Brands Are Expected in the London Fashion Week 2024?

  • Burberry

In his second season leading the iconic British fashion house Burberry, Daniel Lee embraced classic influences with a modern twist. The fashion show, held under a tartan tent in north London, featured unique touches like hot water bottles as party favours and a reimagined Burberry trench. Models showcased tailored coats with low-slung belts, intricate patterns, and edgy sleeveless leather silhouettes. 

The unmistakable Burberry Blue appeared in sunglass rims, shoe details, and solid-coloured coats, creating a striking contrast with the bold dark lipstick. Daniel Lee’s second runway show brought a mix of elevated innovation and a hint of grunge, marking a new chapter for Burberry while still paying homage to its British heritage.

  • Chopova Lowena

In the world of online fashion trends, mixing different styles might seem unusual, but Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena-Irons did just that in their Spring 2024 show at London Fashion Week 2024. 

They combined tough skater looks with frilly, folk-inspired outfits, showcasing things like studded black dresses with puffed white collars and heavy trenches paired with delicate, frilly socks. It’s a unique mediaeval-inspired style that stands out from the usual. This unexpected and clever approach, with a touch of humour, could create a whole new trend, especially in the TikTok era.

  • Richard Quinn

Held in a grand London ballroom, Richard Quinn’s Spring 2024 show was a tribute to his late father. Quinn’s signature opulence was evident, with abundant florals and intricate lace adorning the collection. The line carried a contemplative tone, featuring regal opera gloves, bold collars, and dresses in both solemn blacks and airy off-whites. 

Despite the sombre theme, there was a touch of optimism in playful proportions and stylish bows. The show concluded with Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam in a dazzling bridal jumpsuit, symbolising the dual aspects of life—loss and love.

  • JW Anderson

Designer Johnathan Anderson brought a refreshing touch of playfulness to the London Fashion Week Spring 2024 collection, challenging the seriousness often associated with fashion. The standout element was a series of outfits that appeared as if they were crafted from Play-Doh, using plasticine, a British modelling clay. These designs intentionally featured a bumpy, stiff, and wonderfully wonky aesthetic, reminiscent of a toddler’s imaginative creations. 

Anderson also introduced inflated separates down the runway, a playful extension from his previous plastic fish bag mini-dress. Alongside more wearable pieces like satin voluminous cargo pants and structured blazers, the overall collection embraced a quirky, slightly uncomfortable, and delightfully perplexing mood—a clever departure from conventional fashion seriousness.

  • 16Arlington

In the latest collection from 16Arlington, the brand shifts its focus under creative director Marco Capaldo. Known for feathered and sequined partywear, the SS24 collection takes inspiration from David Lynch’s Lost Highway, aiming for clothes that make you take a second look. 

The designs include skirts and dresses adorned with shimmering sequins, cerulean blue feathers visible through translucent vinyl, and monochrome menswear paired with oversized bags. The collection showcases Capaldo’s skill in elevated minimalism, marking a new direction for 16Arlington.

  • Molly Goddard

Molly Goddard revealed that the inspiration for this season’s collection came from exploring the costume archives at London’s National Theatre, where she was captivated by the details of the undergarments displayed on. Describing the collection as ‘inside out,’ Goddard brought usually hidden elements, like grosgrain zip packets and hook-and-eye fastenings, into the spotlight. She showcased the craftsmanship by revealing the underside of seams, leaving one tulle dress open down the back to expose its workings. 

The collection emphasised craft with cotton ruffles emerging from simple pin-tuck gowns, cardigans delicately edged with satin, and padded skirts with matching bustier tops reminiscent of quilts or blankets. Additionally, faded floral prints, heart-shaped motifs, and simple ribbon fastenings added a touch of domestic elegance, set against the backdrop of Christie’s auction house.

  • Edward Crutchley

For his SS24 collection, Edward Crutchley found inspiration in “Mediaeval people on a fashion photoshoot in the style of Steven Meisel.” Building on the mediaeval-meets-modern theme from the last season, the designer skillfully transformed historical harlequin diamond prints into creations that radiated seductive modernity. 

The latest collection showcased eye-catching tiered ruffle dresses, silk blouses, and cleverly printed mohair sweaters. The prints ranged from techy intarsia on knits and ivy leaf graphics to Johannes Vermeer-style photorealistic faces and busts of Greek-physique men.

  • Ashish

Ashish Gupta returned to the runway for SS24 with a lively and colourful collection, showcasing his distinctive maximalist designs and intricate hand embroidery in a dazzling rainbow palette. Drawing inspiration from dreams, the diverse cast of models included one lounging on a giant swan bed in sequin underpants at the centre of the set. 

The collection featured eye-catching elements like shimmering florals, embellished denim flares, and a bold magenta tiger print. Standout pieces included statement phrases such as ‘No one likes us’ and ‘We Don’t Care’, prominently displayed on biker jackets.

  • Knwls

Taking inspiration from a recent collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier, designers Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault infused a sense of showmanship into their latest collection titled ‘Petrol’. The runway featured unexpected appearances by Mia Khalifa, founder of the Sheytan fashion label, and Lily McMenamy, who received loud cheers while closing the show. 

The KNWLS collection showcased their renowned strappy bodysuits, corseted leather outerwear, and the popular ‘Razr’ handbag. T-shirts and mini dresses adorned with KNWLS are expected to be favourites among their devoted followers. Additionally, oversized leather jackets with prominent ‘linebacker’ shoulders hinted at a potential evolution in the brand’s silhouette.

  • Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha’s show, ‘Dress Rehearsal,’ unfolded in the English National Ballet’s Canning Town rehearsal centre against a bare-bones white chapel adorned with angels. The all-black space, resembling a traditional stage, marked a departure from Rocha’s recent seasons, emphasising reduction. Amidst the expected glimmering embellishments and wedding-worthy gowns, the collection introduced minimal sculpted silk and taffeta pieces in black, white, red, and pale pink. 

These pieces, delicately adorned with red ribbons, offered a subtle contrast to Rocha’s usual opulence, reflecting a theme of heightened ‘intimacy’ for the season. The show delved into lingerie-inspired detailing and sheer fabrics, revealing trapped roses—a symbol of the tension preceding a wedding. Rocha’s ability to blend sweetness with subversion was evident, capturing the nuanced interplay between darkness and light in her work.

  • Aaron Esh

Central Saint Martins graduate Aaron Esh marked his debut runway show on a floor of Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Building, deviating from his past lookbook presentations. Inspired by his hometown, London, the show featured a blend of Savile Row tailoring with narrow and nipped suiting, complemented by street and clubwear elements like shredded jeans, caps, and elegant, body-wrapping dresses. 

Esh draws inspiration from his friends, replicating looks from his social circle, and pays homage to his London roots, with his grandfather, a Cyprian emigrant, who worked as a tailor in the East End. The debut successfully merged precision with the dynamic energy of London streets, presenting a reflection on the interplay of ‘chaos and control’.

  • Roksanda

Roksanda’s latest collection took centre stage in the Barbican Centre’s open-air sculpture court, a temple of brutalism. Inspired by the Orthodox monasteries of her native Serbia, the runway had a ceremonial feel, with models donning towering headwear reminiscent of the kalimavkion worn by Orthodox clergy. British soprano Isabelle Peters provided a live soundtrack of Puccini arias. 

The collection featured diaphanous silk gowns, ladylike dresses with clear Perspex panels, and printed motifs resembling faded frescoes. Ilinčić’s astute balance of grandeur and delicacy shone through, with footwear adorned with feathers in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. The luminous palette included shades like elderflower, amaryllis, tangerine, water-chestnut, and wisteria.

  • Ahluwalia

Ahluwalia’s creative director, Priya Ahluwalia, aimed to highlight overlooked artists across generations. She referenced American jazz musician Valaida Snow through a gown adorned with comb-shaped jewellery and incorporated a soundtrack featuring music by opera singer Sissieretta Jones. 

The collection featured Ahluwalia’s signature vibrant two-pieces and a monogram print, complemented by new additions such as colourful cowboy boots and frayed patchwork denim provided by sustainable denim producer ISKO.

  • Sinead O’Dwyer

Sinead O’Dwyer chose her former school, the Royal College of Art, as the backdrop for her showcase, opting for a class assembly instead of the traditional runway. In her presentation, O’Dwyer focused on the topic of sample sizes. While the fashion industry typically uses a size 8 as the standard, O’Dwyer breaks this mould by offering four different sizes in all her samples. 

This approach requires specially crafted base patterns to ensure that the patterns can be adjusted to fit various sizes while staying true to the original design. Advocating for positive change in the industry, she emphasised the need for increased investment in larger sizes from retailers and suggested offering fewer styles in a broader range of sizes.

  • Erdem

Erdem Moralioglu’s latest collection, showcased at the British Museum, drew inspiration from Deborah ‘Debo’ Cavendish, the former Duchess of Devonshire. Coloured leather jackets adorned with studs paid homage to her Elvis Presley fandom, while gowns featured motifs inspired by Cavendish’s antique furnishings. 

Collaborating with Barbour, jackets incorporated real antique fabrics from Chatsworth House. Kitten-heeled pumps with large bows added a playful touch inspired by Cavendish’s passion for chicken breeding. Erdem demonstrated his knack for infusing vintage stories with new life in this concise and eclectic collection.

London Fashion Week 2024 Tickets

London Fashion Week 2024 Tickets | hermagic

London Fashion Week 2024 Tickets

Immerse yourself in the glamour of London Fashion Week 2024 with three exclusive VIP ticket packages to choose from. The Silver VIP Package ensures a luxurious experience, featuring a unique dining affair, complimentary beverages, and special opportunities for interviews and photos with models. 

For an unforgettable LFW 2024, opt for the Gold VIP Package, offering a front-row seat to the runway excitement, a delectable three-course meal, engaging interviews with special guests, and a selection of premium beverages. 

Take your experience to the pinnacle with the Platinum VIP Package, indulging in front-row glamour and enjoying exclusive behind-the-scenes access, including meet and greets, interviews, and a fine dining experience with complimentary drinks.

London Fashion Week 2024 Runway Show to Must-Watch

Don’t miss the Free Runway Show at Piccadilly Circus during London Fashion Week on Sunday, February 18, 2024, from 5 to 7 pm GMT. This dynamic event celebrates style, creativity, and innovation, turning Piccadilly Circus into a vibrant fashion hub.

Everyone is welcome, from fashion enthusiasts to curious onlookers, to witness the latest trends and bold statements from the fashion elite. Join us for two hours of inspiration and revel in the celebration of fashion and culture in the iconic setting of Piccadilly Circus. Save the date!

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To sum up, London Fashion Week 2024 is a fantastic celebration of style and creativity where everyone can enjoy the latest trends and bold fashion statements. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just curious, there’s something for everyone, from exclusive VIP experiences to free runway shows in iconic locations like Piccadilly Circus. It’s a chance to be inspired and celebrate the diverse world of fashion. Save the date for an unforgettable experience! For more information, visit HerMagic.


What are the London Fashion Week dates in 2024?
London Fashion Week 2024 is set to captivate from Fri, Feb 16, 2024, to Tue, Feb 20, 2024, promising a five-day extravaganza of style, innovation, and runway magic.
Is London Fashion Week 2024 twice a year?
Yes, London Fashion Week happens twice a year in February and September, featuring over 250 designers and attracting a global audience. It’s a significant event in the fashion world, serving as both a trade show and a celebration of British fashion
How much are London Fashion Week 2024 tickets?
Tickets for London Fashion Week 2024 could begin at approximately $23 for a standard entry and for VIP, could go up to $110.
Can the public go to London Fashion Week?
You don’t have to be part of the London Fashion Council to go to the shows. Anyone can attend a show with a ticket, but getting tickets is not straightforward.

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