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The Importance Of Kitchen Extractor Fans: From Industrial To Modern

Kitchen Extractor Fan

Kitchen Extractor Fan | hermagic

From contemporary residential kitchens to commercial and industrial ones, kitchen extractor fans are essential to preserving a healthy and cosy atmosphere. These fans—also referred to as exhaust hoods or range hoods—are crucial for eliminating heat, smoke, and other airborne pollutants produced during cooking operations. 

Industrial Kitchen Extractor Fans

Large-scale food production facilities and restaurants are built around industrial kitchen extractor fans. The large amounts of heat, smoke, and cooking smell created in busy, professional kitchens are designed to be handled by these fans. An industrial extractor fan’s essential characteristics are:

High Extraction Capacity: 

The high extraction rate that industrial kitchen extractor fans are designed to provide ensures the quick removal of heat and pollutants while preserving a comfortable and safe working environment.


Built to endure the rigorous demands of an industrial kitchen, they are made of sturdy materials and are operated continuously.


Industrial extractor fans frequently have grease traps and filtration systems to reduce fire hazards and airborne contaminants to comply with strict health and safety regulations.

Noise Control: 

To lessen the disturbance their powerful operation causes, a lot of industrial kitchen extractor fans come with noise-reduction technology installed.

Top 5 Kitchen Extractor Fans that Conforama offers

Conforama has a wide collection of kitchen extractor fans that you should check out:

1. Candy decorative hood 60 cm candy cce116/1

Candy decorative hood 60 cm candy cce1161

Candy decorative hood 60 cm candy cce1161 | hermagic

A beautiful accent to any contemporary kitchen, the Candy Decorative Hood 60 cm, model CCE 116/1, functions as a kitchen extractor fan while also adding a touch of style. This hood guarantees effective ventilation in addition to improving the aesthetics of your kitchen with its sturdy construction and streamlined design. 

The 60 cm width fits standard-sized cooktops perfectly and is a great option for maintaining clean, fresh kitchen air because it captures and removes cooking aromas, smoke, and grease.

You can customize the extraction power of the Candy CCE 116/1 fan to suit your culinary requirements thanks to its several speed settings. Its effective filtration systems, which include grease filters and optional carbon filters, guarantee that your kitchen always feels fresh.

2. Hood 60 cm Indesit Islk 66 LS X

A sturdy and dependable kitchen extractor fan, the Indesit Islk 66 LS X is made to efficiently get rid of smoke, cooking smells, and surplus moisture in your kitchen. It guarantees a fresh and clean cooking environment in addition to adding a touch of beauty to any kitchen with its sleek and contemporary 60 cm stainless steel design.

With its easy-to-use control panel, the Islk 66 LS X gives you total control over the ambience of your kitchen by letting you simply modify the fan’s speed and illumination. By effectively removing undesirable particles and smells, this kitchen extractor fan helps to maintain a more comfortable and healthy cooking and dining environment. 

3. Jocel JEGA007605 telescopic hood

Jocel JEGA007605 telescopic hood

Jocel JEGA007605 telescopic hood | hermagic

 The Jocel JEGA007605 Telescopic Hood is an excellent kitchen extractor made to take your culinary abilities to the next level. This multipurpose cooking tool is a must-have for every contemporary kitchen since it skillfully blends design and utility. 

The Jocel JEGA007605 Telescopic Hood, with its strong extraction powers, guarantees that your kitchen stays odour-free and free of harmful emissions. Cooking residue is easily removed freeing you up to concentrate on making your favourite recipes without bothering about ventilation. Its telescoping form is easily adaptable to fit the layout and style of your kitchen.

4. Turboair chimney extractor Trama/BL/60

One premium kitchen extractor fan that stands out for its outstanding performance and elegant design is the Turboair Trama/BL/60. Any modern kitchen would be incomplete without this kitchen extractor. It efficiently removes smoke, cooking aromas, and grease particles from the air to provide a clean and fresh cooking atmosphere. 

The chic black appearance of this fan goes well with a variety of kitchen design themes. You have total control over the ventilation and lighting in your kitchen thanks to its simple controls that make it simple to change the fan speed and lighting. The Turboair Trama/BL/60 gives your kitchen an elegant touch while also improving the quality of the air.

5. Telescopic extractor hood Teka TL 6310 Inox

Telescopic extractor hood Teka TL 6310 Inox

Telescopic extractor hood Teka TL 6310 Inox | hermagic

The Teka TL 6310 INOX Telescopic Extractor Hood is a stylish and effective commercial kitchen extractor fan that adds a touch of refinement to your kitchen while improving the air quality. Because of its telescopic shape, it can be subtly incorporated into your kitchen cabinets for a smooth and unnoticeable look. 

This is one of the best kitchen extractor fans available, as it efficiently purges the air of cooking smells, smoke, and grease particles, leaving your kitchen feeling clean and fresh. It offers great ventilation options with several fan speeds, accommodating different cooking scenarios ranging from low-heat cooking to high-heat cooking.

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Kitchen extractor fans are crucial components in numerous kitchen settings, from industrial and commercial kitchens to modern residential spaces. Industrial kitchen extractor fans are intended for high-volume cooking and comply with demanding regulations. Conforama provides an efficient solution for busy restaurants and catering enterprises while addressing design and aesthetic aspects. For more information about modern kitchen extractor fans, visit the official website of Hermagic.


Why is an extractor fan in my kitchen necessary?
To keep the air clean and get rid of surplus moisture—which may stop mould from growing and remove cooking smells—an extractor fan is necessary.
How do I choose the appropriate extractor fan size for my kitchen?
The size and arrangement of your kitchen determine the appropriate size. It’s a good idea to have a fan in the kitchen that can alter the air ten times each hour.
Is installing a kitchen extractor fan simple?
Models differ in the difficulty of installation. While some may be installed without little trouble, some would need to be professionally installed, particularly if ducting is required.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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