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Celebrate Comfort And Style: Men’s Jeans Selection For Every Occasion

Men’s Jeans

Men’s Jeans | Hermagic

Men’s jeans are comfortable and durable pants made from a tough fabric called denim. These denim jeans are known for offering comfort and durability and are available in a broad range of brands for customers to choose from. From classic denim to distressed Men’s Jeans, they can be easily styled for any occasion easily. And, Prive by Zalando helps you find the best-quality Men’s Jeans at pretty reasonable prices to snag right away.

Choosing the right fit for jeans for men

1.   Slim fit

Slim-fit jeans are narrower through the leg and have a snugger fit overall. They’re modern and stylish, great for a contemporary look.

2.   Regular fit

Regular-fit jeans offer a balanced fit that’s not too tight or too loose. They’re versatile and suitable for various body types and occasions.

3.   Relaxed fit

Relaxed-fit jeans are roomier around the hips and thighs, providing extra comfort. They’re a go-to choice for a relaxed, casual style.

4.   Straight fit

Straight-fit jeans have a consistent width from the hips to the ankles. They offer a clean, straight-line appearance.

5.   Skin fit

Skinny-fit jeans are very narrow throughout, providing a sleek and fitted look. They work well for a trendy, slim silhouette.

6.   Bootcut fit

Bootcut jeans are narrower at the top and slightly wider at the bottom, allowing room for boots. They’re ideal for a classic, timeless look.

Best fabrics for Men’s Jeans

1.   Denim

Denim is the classic and most popular fabric for jeans. It’s a sturdy cotton twill fabric known for its durability and rugged appearance. Denim comes in various weights, with heavier denim being thicker and more durable.

2.   Stretch denim

Stretch denim incorporates a small percentage of stretchy fibres like elastane or spandex. This added stretch provides flexibility and comfort, making it easier to move in your jeans.

3.   Raw denim

Raw denim is known for its unwashed look, giving a stiff and rigid feel. Over time, it molds to your body, creating unique wear patterns and a personalised fit.

4.   Selvedge denim

Selvedge denim is known for its high quality and craftsmanship. It features a tightly woven edge (selvedge) that prevents fraying and is often associated with premium denim brands.

5.   Coloured denim

Coloured denim offers a wide range of colours beyond traditional blue. You can find jeans in various shades, from earthy tones to vibrant hues, to suit your style.

6.   Bull denim

Bull denim is a thicker and heavier version of traditional denim. It’s highly durable and often used for workwear or jeans that need to withstand tough conditions.

Tip for maintaining or caring men’s jeans

1.   Washing frequency

Don’t wash jeans every day. Unless they are visibly soiled or have an odour, consider wearing them a few times between washes.

2.   Turn them inside out

Before washing, turn your jeans inside out. This helps preserve the colour and keeps them from fading quickly.

3.   Mild soap or detergent

Choose a mild soap or detergent to clean your jeans. Harsh detergents can cause fading and weaken the fabric over time.

4.   Avoid fabric softeners

Fabric softeners can break down the fibres in your jeans. Skip them or use a denim-specific softener if necessary.

5.   Air drying

Avoid using a dryer for your jeans. Instead, hang them to air dry. Excessive heat can cause shrinkage and damage the fabric.

6.   Store carefully

When storing your jeans, properly fold them or hang them to keep their shape. Avoid overstuffing your closet, as it can wrinkle or distort the fabric.

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Best brands to shop from when exploring Men’s Jeans

1.   Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones | Hermagic

Jack & Jones is celebrated for its quality craftsmanship, diverse range of fits, and on-trend styles, making it a top choice for men’s jeans. With a commitment to both comfort and fashion, it’s a brand that consistently delivers jeans that combine style and durability.

The Glenn Original- slim fit jeans in a sleek black shade are available for only just €25. These most-trending Men’s Jeans feature a monochrome pattern with a regular waist and practical back and side pockets. With a slim fit and a length that reaches up to the ankle, they offer a stylish and tailored look for any occasion.

2.   Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear | Hermagic

Pull & Bear is renowned for offering a wide range of stylish and affordable Men’s Jeans. With a focus on contemporary fashion trends, quality materials, and a variety of fits, it consistently appeals to those seeking both comfort and style in their denim choices.

These Wide-leg Jeans, available in a mottled blue shade, are an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and stylish fit. Priced at €13.50, they feature a normal waist height and a long length, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from 100% cotton, they offer both quality and comfort.

3.   Tommy Jeans Plus

Tommy Jeans Plus

Tommy Jeans Plus | Hermagic

Tommy Jeans Plus is a top choice for men’s jeans due to its blend of style, quality, and comfort. Their range caters to various body types, offers timeless designs, and incorporates durable fabrics, making them a reliable and stylish choice for any occasion.

This Nero denim slim fit jeans by Tommy Jeans Plus is available at the price of €38. These fancy Men’s Jeans feature a regular waist and normal length, providing a comfortable fit for everyday wear. With a slim fit and a tapered line, they offer a sleek and stylish appearance that’s perfect for various occasions.


When it comes to finding Men’s Jeans, they usually look for versatile articles that can be easily styled for an everyday look to distinct fashionable looks to wear at a party. So, if you are looking for some of the Men’s Jeans to purchase at reasonable prices, Prive by Zalando has a wide range of collections to choose from. For more information, visit HerMagic.


What are the most popular men's jeans styles?
The most popular men’s jeans styles include slim fit, regular fit, and skinny fit, offering a range of options for different preferences and occasions.
Are ripped jeans still in style for men?
Yes, ripped Men’s Jeans continue to be in style, offering a trendy and edgy look for casual wear.
How do I remove stains from men's jeans?
To remove stains from men’s jeans, treat the stain promptly with a stain remover or a mixture of mild detergent and water, then launder as usual.
What are the best Men’s Jeans who are athletic?
Athletic men may find tapered or slim-fit jeans with some stretch to be the best choice, as they offer a comfortable fit that complements their physique.

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