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Best Instagrammable Places In Chelsea Before Your Next Trip

Instagrammable Places In Chelsea

Instagrammable Places In Chelsea | Hermagic

Chelsea is one of London’s most elite districts, home to the city’s most beautiful cafés, brunch spots, and restaurants. It is the neighborhood to visit if you want to photograph the most instagrammable places in Chelsea or explore the city. Hermagic has compiled a list of the most instagrammable places in Chelsea that you should not miss before your next trip. You may visit these locations and bless your Instagram feed with stunning photographs. However, Chelsea is not crowded or touristy but has many places you can explore on your next trip. Moreover, you can check the Agoda website to find the best deals on ticket booking and if you wish to find a hotel in Chelsea.

List of The Best Instagrammable Places In Chelsea

There are numerous instagrammable places in Chelsea that you should take advantage of on your next trip. We at Hermagic have curated a list of the best instagrammable places in Chelsea to explore. The list of the best instagrammable places in Chelsea is as follows:

1. Botanica Tearooms

Botanica Tearooms

Botanica Tearooms | Hermagic

The Botanica tearoom lies at 100 Queen’s Gate Hotel London, Curio Collection by Hilton. The plant-filled tearoom took inspiration from an original Victorian orangery and lies in a magnificent botanical glasshouse. Its green environment pays homage to the previous owner and nobleman, William Alexander, while natural light streaming in through the atrium makes the ideal atmosphere for guests to unwind and enjoy Afternoon Tea. The greenery makes it one of the best instagrammable places in Chelsea.

2. Oakley Street

Oakley Street

Oakley Street | Hermagic

Oakley Street is one of the Royal Borough’s numerous picture-perfect, symmetrical streets, running from the north of the King’s Road to the river Thames and continuing to the Albert Bridge, which links Chelsea to Battersea. Aside from its ‘Instagram-worthy’ white buildings with matching black doors and railings, Chelsea Street is also famous for its former occupants. Some of the Capital’s top creatives have lived here, including Oscar Wilde, Bob Marley, and David Bowie. Some of their homes are still there with a blue acknowledgment plaque, providing a terrific opportunity to discover more about the history of such a lovely location.

3. Elan Cafe

Elan Cafe

Elan Cafe | Hermagic

Unsurprisingly, Elan Cafe appears on every list of Instagrammable eateries in London. Influencers and Instagrammers rushed here to capture photos in the pink decor when it first opened a few years ago. Their photographs went viral, and everyone else wanted to do the same, earning this cafe its Instagram Instaworthy status. Each branch has its own decorating, depending on which one you visit. The one in Knightsbridge features a pink tree, a pink flower wall, and a relevant neon sign that reads, ‘Adventure awaits, but first, coffee.’ They are excellent options for someone who wants to sip coffee in the most instagrammable places in Chelsea.

4. Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen | Hermagic

Peggy Porschen, like Elan Cafe, is constantly packed with Instagram influencers standing in front of it. It says a lot about how it is the most visited instagrammable places in Chelsea. There are two Peggy Porschens in Chelsea. It is where you’ll discover the renowned pink exterior, which you’ve seen on Instagram. It is one of the most instagrammable places in Chelsea if you want to take pictures outside. I recommend tasting the cupcakes as well.

5. Churchill Arms

Churchill Arms

Churchill Arms | Hermagic

The Churchill Arms in Kensington has been London’s most colorful bar several times, making it an essential stop on a tour of the borough’s most stunning locales. The façade of the public house contains some gorgeous plants, flowers, and blooming during the Summer months, offering a fantastic backdrop of natural colors to any Instagram image. During the winter, The Churchill Arms is decked out with approximately 80 Christmas trees of different sizes, interspersed with glittering festive lights. Inside the comfortable tavern, the ceilings and walls are a treasure trove of eccentric items and ornaments inspired by the institution’s lengthy background – a photograph sure to shake up any Insta grid.

6. Ivy Chelsea

Ivy Chelsea

Ivy Chelsea | Hermagic

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is undoubtedly Chelsea’s largest and most popular picture location. The Ivy, with its massive flower wall outside and a large room with a garden, is ideal for an indulgent supper. You will need to make a reservation because it tends to fill up quickly. Remember that it may be rather expensive, so if you’re just there for the photo, it’s best to take it outside.

7. Maitre Choux

Maitre Choux

Maitre Choux | Hermagic

Maitre Choux is another recent addition to King’s Road. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an eclair café serving various colored eclairs. Some contain glitter, fruits, and everything else they can think of to make them appear gorgeous. Aside from the eclairs, the King’s Road location also includes a floral wall which will create an excellent backdrop for any photographs, making it one of the most interesting instagrammable places and hotel in Chelsea.

8. The Locals Chelsea

The Locals Chelsea

The Locals Chelsea | Hermagic

We like The Locals because the cuisine is basic but appealing. The meal that you will be having here will be healthful, and they put their spin on brunch fare. The café also boasts a lovely atmosphere covered with plants and charming lights. It is also, as the name implies, primarily directed toward locals. There aren’t many tourists or visitors from outside of Chelsea here, so it’s a great spot to go if you want to hang out with the locals.

9. Bluebird Chelsea

Bluebird Chelsea

Bluebird Chelsea | Hermagic

Bluebird Chelsea is renowned as one of the most popular hangout areas in Chelsea, although it is never on the list of London’s most Instagrammable cafés. When the sun shines, the outside garden is constantly busy, but it is also quite lovely and decked with flowers – you will undoubtedly find a photo opportunity here.

10. Feya Cafe Chelsea

Feya Cafe Chelsea

Feya Cafe Chelsea | Hermagic

The décor and interior of Feya Cafe are remarkably similar to those of Elan. It features a lovely flowery tree, butterflies on the wall, and pink pastel walls, making it one of the most beautiful instagrammable places in Chelsea. They also provide some gorgeous lattes, with some of the latte art being intricate paintings.


These are some of the most instagrammable places in Chelsea that you cannot miss on your next trip. Moreover, you can follow the official Hermagic website for more such articles.


What's Chelsea famous for?
The world’s most famous flower show is what Chelsea is famous for. The Royal Hospital Chelsea grounds convert into show gardens, inspirational little gardens, and bright horticultural displays every year.

Is Chelsea posh area?
Chelsea is one of London’s most well-known and affluent areas, and it’s simple to understand why. Like the Capital’s other affluent areas, Chelsea is home to lavish homes, many of which cost more than two million pounds.

Is Chelsea a nice place to live?
Chelsea is a posh neighborhood in London where people want to dwell. The city has gorgeous surroundings, high-end shopping, restaurants, notable football clubs, and exciting nightlife. Chelsea has always been regarded as one of the best areas to experience and enjoy the true London lifestyle.

Which part of London is Chelsea?
Chelsea, London is a wealthy neighborhood in west London, England, around 2.5 miles southwest of Charing Cross. It is located on the north bank of the Thames and is part of the southwestern postal district.

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