The male of the species is a weird but wonderful thing. Not always what men do around you makes sense. Some of this has to do with them being different from who we are, and the other being that their blood flow is often prioritized to a certain organ, and no, it’s isn’t their brains.

Given all this, can you even imagine the chaotic cauldron of a mess that their brains are at the best of times? What’s more, this just goes to show why you should always do the humane thing and prevent them from going to their doom. Now that it’s clear, here’s our take on how you can avoid leading him on. So put your femme fatale machinations away for another day, and read on.

Flirt alert at the ready

Everyone, (even you!), is always looking for signs – anything they can cling to, or even hang their hat on. If he’s into you, that may just explain his current state of mind. Now, if you’re sure he’s not for you, steer clear of anything that may be construed as flirting. In this vein, don’t reciprocate or appear to return any of his doozy flirtation action. Always stay steady and flirt alert ready, this way you would do your best to avoid the build-up of any hope in lover boy’s head.

Be resolute

You’ve got to hand it to them, he, and indeed they, are a pretty persistent lot, aren’t they? That’s why it’s incumbent on you to set the record straight right from the day they try and get it on. Otherwise, they might get the wrong end of the stick. Be resolute, firm and stern with him right from the off, it may seem heartless, but trust us, this will stop them from checking into heartbreak hotel.

Exclude exclusivity

You may just like his company, or just like to hang out with him – and nothing more, nothing at all. That said, if you pay special attention to him, meet him often and meet him alone, he may construe that you want something more than mere friendship. Now, you see why things like this may not be the best idea? So, hang out in groups most of the time to kill that notion!

Introduce the B-word

Short of creating your own hilarious addition to the always funny ‘I have a boyfriend’ joke repertoire, do let him know that ‘that’ slot has been duly filled (But only if you do have a significant other). Don’t let it be a bolt from the blue, introduce it casually and smoothly into a conversation, and do it early on to avoid any impending awkwardness.

Other things to avoid include letting him pay your bills, accepting expensive gifts, and even talking about your boyfriend problems. Steer clear of these things, and you may well have friendzoned him for life, and in the long run – everyone wins!

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