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Home Decor

Elevate Your Space With Luxurious Home Items

Home Items

Home Items | Hermagic

Home Decor can never be left behind with the ongoing trend and hence, we choose our living spaces to be modern and aesthetic. With the help of Home Items, you can make your personal space look more luxurious and comfortable. They show the taste, personality, and choice of the house owner. Prive by Zalando, a fashion and Luxury brand, is delivering a handpicked range of home decor items that perfectly integrate style and utility. In this blog, we will dig into the world of home items for the decoration of your house in the upcoming festive seasons.

Here are some of the items you can buy from Prive From Zalando-

Elegance and functionality with these home items-

1.   Roberto Cavalli Decorative cushion

Roberto Cavalli Decorative cushion

Roberto Cavalli Decorative cushion | Hermagic

A love of nature and all aesthetic home items that they add to your home is what we all crave. This Roberto Cavalli Decorative cushion from Prive is something that will give your place a soothing environment and aura. Made from 100% cotton material, it has leaf prints and tiger stripes for the background. Keep this on your couch or your bedroom and give a renovation to your room.

2.   Werner Vob Decoration Santa Home item

For the perfect Christmas Eve, what can be more adorable than a Santa showpiece? The rustic finish and the vintage touch of this statue are what make it unique as a home decorative item. The material used to make it is Polyresins and is 60 cm in height, 24 cm in width, and 18 cm in depth.

3.   Villa D’Este Home Tivoli Kalahari 6-pack glass set

Villa D’Este Home Tivoli Kalahari 6-pack glass set

Villa D’Este Home Tivoli Kalahari 6-pack glass set | Hermagic

Play with colours with these Villa D’Este Home Tivoli Kalahari 6-pack glass sets from Prive by Zalando. These colourful patterned glasses are exquisite to keep at your home for the vintage touch and the Mid-European vibes. The height of the glasses is 300 ml and the length is 11 cm. You can easily wash them with the help of a Dishwasher and is food-safe.

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4.   Orange Wallz Tropical Leopard Painting

To give your home a solid and attractive vibe, this Orange Wallz Tropical Leopard Painting is the best choice for you. The Leopard has green eyes that attract everyone’s gaze and the abstracts of nature are perfect for your living area. The painting includes printed patterns, has eyelets for fixing, and comes without any frame. The size of the painting is 50 x 70 cm in width and 0.2 cm in length. The material type is canvas which is ideal for wall paintings.

5.   Werner Vob Silver Reindeer Head

This Werner vob silver plastic reindeer’s antlers are an ideal home decor item. These antlers are silver in colour, made from plastic, and are 90 cm in size. You can definitely buy these to redecorate your house for Christmas Eve and New Year parties.

Tips For Redecorating Your Space With Home Items-

Here are some of the tips that you can follow, before moving forward to buy any home items or renovate your place-

1.   Define your style-

Before you start remodelling or decide what exactly you want for your home, you should go with a modern, classic, diverse, or minimalist design for your home. This will lead your choice of house furnishings to produce a unified design.

2.   Declutter and prioritize-

To begin, declutter to establish a blank canvas, and prioritize the necessary elements that are needed in your home. Home decor items that are very old, outdated, and faded just throw them away. Home items are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing for your home.

3.   Colour palette harmony-

If you are planning to colour your home, then you should always go with the theme you want for your home. Colors that are consistent throughout objects from bedding to other decorative items should always make a balance to your home.

4.   Patterns and textures-

Use textures and patterns to provide diversity and appealing factors to the house. For the blended and smooth surface and texture and subtle look, patterns are best for home items.

5.   Statement pieces-

Always try to invest in something contemporary and statement pieces and home items that stand to help establish your home decor. These should be eye-catchy decor components or eye-catching furniture pieces.


Wrapping up with the conclusion that Prive by Zalando ventures your home items and gives an aesthetic look to your home. Each piece in the collection is a thoughtfully crafted combination of style, comfort, and artistry that is intended to enrich your living spaces. These home decor  items encourage people to infuse their homes with a touch of luxury and refinement, converting their space into an area of comfort and elegance from the bedroom to the living room and beyond. There are some home decorative items mentioned in the above section that you can buy for your home. For more information, do visit Hermagic.


How can I make my home unique?
To make your home unique you should keep some decorative home items at your place. Things like aesthetic paintings, showpieces, statues, and other decorative items are best to keep at your home.
How to make home decor items?
You can use framed prints, photo tiles, quote sceneries, candles, coasters, wall hangings, etc. to make home decor items.
How can I make my house look modern?
Certain ways can make your home look modern as decluttering old and rusty items, removing all outdated wallpapers and decorative things, changing the paint color, and updating the lighting with the latest trend.
How can I make my home look better?

Here are some points that can make your home look better like-

  • Paint the wall
  • Go with the artistic and aesthetic paintings
  • Can use home-friendly plants
  • Decorate the home and other places with candles
  • Do the colour selection wisely
How can I make my house look comfortable?
You should always look at what suits your comfort level, for example, change the bedding and pillows, keep warm doormats and foot rugs, rethink the sofa cover, etc.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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