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Best Dress Shirts For Men: Quality And Affordability

dress shirts

dress shirts | hermagic

The interesting thing about the dress shirts for men is that they are versatile. These new dress shirts on Marks & Spencer are some of the best shirts for men. Are you looking for an ideal dress shirt for a formal event? Whatever your choice may be, these top selections on M&S will please your wardrobe. 

Particularly the white dress shirts are not the stand-by type of shirts for men. Over time, the white tailored dress shirts have been a sophisticated choice for men. From the aristocratic classic choice in the Middle Ages to modern times, these are still the emerging trends for a high-standard dress code. They were often worn along with the suits, initially designed for formal events. The white dresses and shirts often have front and cuffs designs, with elaborate embroidery and a bow tie that refined a gentleman’s look. 

But now they are beyond the dress code for formal events. They are beyond the conventional style of wearing at weddings or formal parties. They are now embraced as the dress code in many top hotels and restaurants. But make no mistake that they still hold a valuable entanglement when it comes to fashion, style, and for a presentable look at the formal events for men. They retain their essence of refinement when it comes to sophistication and elegance. 

Why buy white dress shirts for men? 

The reason why white dress shirts for men are perfect is because of their immaculate styles and presentation. Irrespective of whether you are keen on white colour or not, when the time calls for a big event they are an indispensable dress code. There is nothing more fashionable and elegant for a man dressed up in a fancy white shirt with formal pants and shoes. It’s the absolute gentlemen’s look that defines their personality. There are a few irreplaceable reasons why there are still enduring classic choices for men. 

  1. Professionalism: The white dress shirts have been the enduring symbol of sophistication. Dressing up in white shirts is known for creating a flawless professional look. There are still many formal outfits that are great for formal events but nothing comparable to the white dress shirt. On any formal occasion, they have been and are still the standard professional attire. 

Whether you are attending weddings, conferences, or business meetings, the only effortless professional look a man can create is with a white dress shirt. 

  1. Versatile look: They might also seem too obvious for a formal dress code but they still hold an important place in the fashion world. Particularly when it comes to a versatile look. They are easily pairable with any pattern of outfits and clothing. They create a look that is worth compliments. That is why they are still a staple for men’s collections. 
  2. Casual and formal events: The effortless way to style up in any type of formal event and for casual events the white dress shirt will hold a center place. Attending a business meeting, job interviews, hotel servicing, or outdoor events. White shirts are some of the best ways to look decent. They convey a message of respect and seriousness for the occasion. 
  3. Tradition and detailing: White dress shirts have also been a part of men’s standard dress code. They are known for accentuating details such as suits, ties, shoes, and pants. The addition of a white shirt is a major part of highlighting your dress code. You can say that the other combination becomes visible when you have a white shirt on. 

Top 3 dress shirts for men on Marks & Spencer  

1. Tailored Fit Pure Cotton Dress Shirt 

Tailored Fit Pure Cotton Dress Shirt 

Tailored Fit Pure Cotton Dress Shirt | hermagic

This top design Tailored dress shirt is going to be an epic addition to your wardrobe collection. Made with high-quality cotton, the shirt is super durable and worth your money. It’s an absolutely classy shirt that every man needs to have in their wardrobe.  On any occasion when you want to present yourself as decent, smart, and professional, this shirt is an epic choice for men. 

Look out for the design, and handsome tailored fit. The addition of Marcella bib and wing collar gives out a classic aristocratic touch of sophistication. The fabric is easy to press. With quick ironing, you won’t have to worry a lot about creasing it when you are in a hurry.

2. Tailored Fit Dress Shirt With Bow Tie 

Tailored Fit Dress Shirt With Bow Tie 

Tailored Fit Dress Shirt With Bow Tie | hermagic

The white shirt with a bow tie is always flawless. They are the classic presentation of elegance and a gentlemanly look. If you have a big event coming up this season, this Tailored Fit Dress With A Bow Tie is what will define your masculine look. The shirt is a masterpiece for men to remain uncompromised with a sophisticated look. 

The Tailored Fit Dress Shirt With Bow Tie comes with a slight variation in terms of front design. The overall fit of the shirt is complemented by the double cuff detailing. The cutaway collared neck is also exceptional for a standard formal outfit! And the good thing is that the pre-tied bow tie is adjustable.

3. Regular Fit Pure Cotton Dress Shirt 

Regular Fit Pure Cotton Dress Shirt 

Regular Fit Pure Cotton Dress Shirt | hermagic

This shirt is a classy alternate to white dress shirts for men. Check out this Regular Fir Pure Cotton Dres shirt (black) at M&S. The shirt is suitable to pair up for both formal and casual events. Both white and black shirts have been classic for men. With an excellent regular fit design, the sportive classic point collar, and detailing double cuffs what more you could look for?

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This year brought with it several festive occasions, especially weddings, family parties, and Christmas parties. Having dress shirts in your closet is going to make you look effortlessly stylish. Pair up with your best formal pants or trousers to look flawless. Check out more collections of dress shirts for men on M&S. 

For more information, visit Hermagic


Should men wear dress shirts?
Yes, if you are looking for formal attire they are the best shirts for men. They are never-ending fashion choices for men. 
What events should I wear white dress shirts for men?

Dinner dates
Business meetings

What colours are good for dress shirts for men?

Light Green

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