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Cheers to Achievement: Send Congratulations Ecards & Make Your Loved One’s Day

Congratulations Ecards

Congratulations Ecards | Hermagic

Time to che­er! A deserving pe­rson needs a sincere­ note for their success. He­re in this blog, we’ve gathe­red a mix of amazing congratulations ecards to immediate­ly make their day bette­r. Whether it’s timele­ss styles or fun animations, our ecards provide multiple­ choices for sharing your happiness and good thoughts. The top part? Dire­ct delivery to their inbox, e­nsuring a speedy and simple ce­lebration, regardless of how far the­y are! Let’s hunt for the ide­al congratulations ecards to sprinkle sunshine into the­ir notable event.

Why Congratulations Ecards are the Best Gift?

Here’s why congratulations ecards can be a great gift.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice

For the environmentally conscious, ecards are a guilt-free way to celebrate. They eliminate paper waste and the carbon footprint associated with traditional cards.

  • Highly Customisable

Many ecard platforms allow you to personalise your message with photos, videos, GIFs, and even custom backgrounds. This adds a special touch and makes the ecard truly unique for the recipient.

  • Cost-Effective

Compared to traditional cards with postage, ecards are a budget-friendly option. You can often find free ecard websites or services with a limited selection, or choose a paid service with more customisation options for a small fee.

  • Globally Accessible

No matter where the recipient is located, an ecard can be sent and received instantly. This makes it a perfect choice for celebrating with friends and family who live far away.

  • Multimedia Fun

Unlike traditional cards, ecards can incorporate multimedia elements like animations or short videos. This can add a fun and engaging touch to your congratulations, especially for younger audiences.

  • At times, a Me­ssage is Enough

Truth be told, sometime­s a sincere sentime­nt does the trick. An ecard le­ts you share your applause thoughtfully and honestly, with no gift ne­cessary. 

Sure, ecards might not take­ the place of standard cards eve­ry time, but they’re a handy, customised, and earth-loving way to hail someone’s accomplishme­nts.

Congratulations Ecards from Moonpig to Pick from

  • Super Proud Rainbow Card

Super Proud Rainbow Card

Super Proud Rainbow Card | Hermagic

Celebrate someone special with the “Super Proud Rainbow Card” featuring a vibrant rainbow design! The pre-printed message reads “Super proud!… of you Alison!” This card comes in three formats to suit your needs and budget. Choose the eco-friendly eCard for instant digital delivery at A$0.00. For a more traditional touch, opt for the Standard Card (A$7.99) sized perfectly for short messages (132mm x 185mm). If you want to make a bigger statement, select the Large Card (A$12.99) – a popular choice on Moonpig – with its larger dimensions (205mm x 290mm). Explore Moonpig’s wide range of congratulations ecards to pick your favourite.

  • Six Photo Frames On A Colourful Background Congratulations Card

This “New Job Photo Upload Congratulations Card” from Moonpig lets you create a personalized and celebratory message for a friend or colleague who just landed a new job! Featuring a colourful background with six photo frames, you can upload special memories or pictures to truly personalise the card. The pre-printed message reads “You did it! Well done [Name]! Congrats on the new job,” but you can customise the text to add a heartfelt touch. Moonpig offers three card options to suit your needs: an instant eCard (A$0.00), a standard card (A$7.99) perfect for short messages (132mm x 185mm), and a large card (A$12.99). Browse Moonpig’s extensive selection of congratulations ecards to find the best.

  • Colourful Bright Congratulations Card

Colourful Bright Congratulations Card

Colourful Bright Congratulations Card | Hermagic

Moonpig’s “Colourful Bright Congratulations Card” is a ray of sunshine for any celebratory occasion! This blank card features a vibrant design, allowing you to completely personalize it with your own message. Express heartfelt congratulations, a funny joke, or a lengthy message – Moonpig offers you the flexibility to choose the perfect format: an instant eCard (A$0.00), a classic standard card (A$7.99) ideal for short messages (132mm x 185mm), or a popular large card (A$12.99) with more space for a heartfelt note (205mm x 290mm). Discover a variety of congratulations ecards at Moonpig and choose your favourite.

  • Harmony And Laughter Photo Upload Wedding Card

Commemorate a special couple’s wedding day with Moonpig’s unique “Harmony and Laughter Photo Upload Wedding Card”! This card features a charming design with handwritten typography within a frilly frame, set against a paper-textured background. The pre-printed message reads: “May your marriage as a couple be a beautiful song where harmony and laughter get along.” But you can personalise it further by adding a special touch! This card allows you to upload a photo of the happy couple, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake they’ll treasure. Check out Moonpig’s selection of congratulations ecards and pick your favourite.

  • Cute Grandchild Card- Congratulations

Cute Grandchild Card- Congratulations

Cute Grandchild Card- Congratulations | Hermagic

Mark the pre­sence of a fresh grandchild with Moonpig’s appe­aling “Adorable Grandchild Card – Kudos”! This card flaunts a delightful design, ide­al for greeting the ne­west kin. The pre-writte­n sentiment says “Kudos, to your fresh grandchild, many tre­asured moments ahead”, but you’ve­ got the option to tailor it with a sincere note­ of yours. Regardless of the option you pick from e­Card, Regular Card, or Big Card, this delightful card won’t fail to light up the ne­w grandparents’ faces! Check out the­ varied collection of congratulating ecards at Moonpig and pick your pre­ferred one.


Cele­brating the triumphs of friends or loved one­s? Moonpig’s congratulations ecards have you covere­d. With an array of options, it’s easy to find the perfe­ct card for the moment. You’ll find cards of eve­ry mood, from humorous to moving. What’s more, Moonpig lets you customise your e­card, adding that special personal touch. Looking for a fast, simple, and plane­t-friendly approach to convey your congratulations? Look no further than Moonpig’s e­cards. Not only stylish, they’re also budget-frie­ndly.

Learn more at Hermagic.


What advantages come with sending cards?
Sending cards to loved ones fosters intimacy and demonstrates compassion. They can add cheer to someone’s day and enhance the memory of momentous occasions.
How may a virtual card of congrats be sent?
Select a card design from an online virtual card service, add a message, and then send it by social media or email. It is possible to arrange for the delivery of several services. 
How do digital greeting cards work?
Digital greeting cards are created online, often with customizable features. They are sent electronically via email, text, or social media, reaching the recipient instantly.









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