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Celebrating The Magic Of Christmas With Gousto’s Christmas Recipes

 Christmas recipes

Christmas recipes | Hermagic

Gousto, a renowned meal kit delivery service, knows the value of creating memorable moments over the holidays. They offer a wealth of Christmas recipes that encompass everything from scrumptious Christmas cookies, and mouthwatering desserts, to inventive Christmas culinary ideas.

Cookie Christmas Recipes

Gingerbread Cookies: 

The wonderful aroma of gingerbread cookies baking in the oven is a typical element of the Christmas season. Gousto’s gingerbread cookie recipe is a delicious dessert that’s excellent for decorating with loved ones. Whether you decide for conventional gingerbread people or get creative with festive forms, the recipe gives step-by-step instructions and all the essential ingredients, guaranteeing you have a batch of tasty gingerbread cookies in no time.

Peppermint Bark Cookies: 

For a new touch on conventional Christmas cookies, Gousto offers a Peppermint Bark Cookie recipe. These cookies combine the rich flavour of chocolate with the refreshing taste of peppermint. It’s a festive treat that embodies the essence of the season.

Yule Log: 

A Yule Log, or “Buche de Noel” in French, is a classic Christmas dessert that resembles a log, commonly composed of sponge cake rolled with creamy filling and topped with chocolate ganache. Gousto’s Yule Log recipe leads you through preparing this magnificent and tasty centrepiece for your holiday table.

Top Christmas recipes that Gousto offer

1. Festive Meat-Free Sausage Roll With Spiced Apple Sauce

Festive Meat-Free Sausage Roll With Spiced Apple Sauce

Festive Meat-Free Sausage Roll With Spiced Apple Sauce | Hermagic

If you want to cook a tasty and unique Christmas feast, you have to try this delicious meal. The Festive Meat-Free Sausage Roll with Spiced Apple Sauce is a real showstopper that will have your guests asking for seconds and thirds while you’re preparing your Christmas meals this year!

The spiced apple sauce, which gives the classic sausage roll a delightfully acidic and sweet twist, is the standout ingredient in this Christmas recipe. The sauce’s flavour profile is warm and festive thanks to a combination of crisp apples, toasty spices, and a touch of maple syrup. This Festive Meat-Free Sausage Roll with Spiced Apple Sauce is guaranteed to be the hit of any holiday gathering or romantic Christmas dinner you prepare for your loved ones.

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2. Jewelled Chicken, Pistachio & Cranberry Pilaf

A delicious and festive dish, “Jewelled Chicken, Pistachio & Cranberry Pilaf” is a great addition to your repertoire of Christmas recipes. Tender morsels of chicken, aromatic basmati rice, and a vibrant combination of jewel-like spices capture the spirit of the holidays in this dish of pure comfort. A delicious marinade of aromatic spices turns the chicken into a juicy, well-seasoned centrepiece for your Christmas meal. Richly garnished with colourful ingredients, such as luscious cranberries and emerald-green pistachios, the dish’s festive beauty is enhanced. 

For your Christmas celebrations, the “Jewelled Chicken, Pistachio & Cranberry Pilaf” is a true jewel among Christmas recipes that will impress your visitors and leave them with pleasant memories of your festive feast.

3. Creamy Bacon & Caramelised Onion Tartiflette

Creamy Bacon & Caramelised Onion Tartiflette

Creamy Bacon & Caramelised Onion Tartiflette | Hermagic

Creamy Bacon & Caramelized Onion Tartiflette is a rich and indulgent dish that makes for a fantastic complement to your Christmas meals. This delectable French-inspired casserole blends rich and savoury ingredients that will warm your heart during the Christmas season. The primary ingredients in this recipe include bacon, caramelized onions, and creamy Reblochon cheese, which combine together to create a harmonic and delectable taste.

To make this dish for the holidays, first sear the bacon until it’s crispy, and then sauté some onions until they caramelize gorgeously. After that, alternately stack potatoes, bacon, and onions in a baking dish. Drizzle a decadent cream mixture over the layers, making sure it gets into all the cracks and crevices. Lastly, cover the Tartiflette with thick slices of Reblochon cheese. When baked in the oven, the cheese will melt and form a bubbling, golden crust.

4. Festive Pork & Sage Stuffing Pizza With Gravy Dip

Savour the ultimate holiday feast by treating yourself to our delicious “Festive Pork & Sage Stuffing Pizza With Gravy Dip.” A thick and decadent gravy dip wonderfully complements the flavorful pork and sage stuffing atop the crispy, golden-brown crust of this holiday-inspired pizza, which is a fresh take on classic Christmas meals. 

This festive recipe, which combines the convenience of pizza with the soothing aromas of a typical Christmas meal, perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday season. It’s the ideal dish to enjoy with loved ones during the holidays because every bite will take your taste buds to a wintry paradise.

The Festive Pork & Sage Stuffing Pizza With Gravy Dip not only delivers wonderful flavours but also adds a festive touch to your holiday table. This pizza is an excellent centrepiece for any Christmas celebration, making it a great addition to your repertoire of Christmas meals. It’s a lovely way to put some holiday flair into your meals while ensuring that the entire family loves the pleasures of the season.


Gousto’s Christmas dishes contain a wide selection of tasty options that cater to varied tastes and dietary needs. From cookie Christmas recipes that allow you to bond with loved ones while decorating, to luscious dessert Christmas recipes that conclude your feast on a sweet note, and creative Christmas food ideas that ensure a memorable holiday meal. For more information about Christmas cookie recipes or Christmas dessert recipes visit the official website of Hermagic.


What are some classic Christmas recipes from different nations or regions?
United States: Classic Roast Turkey: Roast a whole turkey with classic stuffing, served with gravy, cranberry sauce, and side dishes such as mashed potatoes, green beans, and sweet potato casserole.
United Kingdom: Christmas Pudding: A rich, dense, and delicious dessert, often served with brandy butter or custard.
Roast Beef: In some locations, roast beef is the primary meal, rather than turkey.
Italy: Panettone: A delicious bread loaded with candied fruit and raisins, generally savoured with a glass of prosecco.
Feast of the Seven Fishes: An Italian-American tradition including seven distinct fish dishes, traditionally served on Christmas Eve.
How can I create a classic roast turkey for Christmas dinner?

Use Whole turkey with Butter or olive oil along with Salt and pepper for seasoning. You can also use Fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage) for taste. Once these ingredients are ready follow these steps for amazing Christmas recipes

Preheat your oven
Prepare the turkey by removing the giblets
Rub the turkey with softened butter or olive oil
Place the turkey in a roasting pan, breast-side up, and cover with foil.
The turkey is done when the internal temperature reaches 165°F
Let the turkey rest for at least 30 minutes

What are some creative side dish ideas for a Christmas feast?
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze
Cranberry and Orange Sauce:
Honey-Glazed Carrots:
Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Candied Sweet Potatoes

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