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Discover and Shop the Best Makeup Brush Sets at Affordable Prices

Makeup brush sets

Makeup brush sets | Hermagic

Makeup routine is also an art and it’s not completed without its tools. When you think of the most important makeup tools there is nothing that comes close to makeup brushes. If you are a makeup artist or a regular makeup wearer you know the importance of having makeup brush sets. A perfectionist needs the right and high-quality makeup brush sets to complete the masterpiece look.

The makeup sets are the foundation on which you build the perfect foundation for layering and for evenly covering the skin with cosmetics. For daily makeup wearers, it’s the longevity of your skin and for professional makeup artists, they are the essential tools for showcasing their skills. 

But if you are a beginner then you need to learn the different types of makeup brushes and understand the importance of using good makeup brushes. When you entirely have the right tools you won’t have to worry about the results. The tools will get you the result you are looking for. Thankfully Lookfanstic brings the best makeup brush sets to supplement your makeup routine. 

Best Makeup brush sets to shop

1. Au Naturale Complete Brush Kit 

Au Naturale Complete Brush Kit 

Au Naturale Complete Brush Kit | Hermagic

Having a complete set of makeup tools will serve you well in the long run. If you are a professional makeup artist the Real Techniques Au Naturale Complete Brush Kit is a high-quality set of brushes. The set is composed of different types of brushes that are used for layering foundations. These brushes are made from synthetic bristles that create an immaculate finish and make your makeup application look totally natural. 

The set has nine pieces of Au naturale Brushes. They are used for shading, concealing, buffing, lining, and detailing.

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2. Real Techniques Insta Artist Brush Set 

This set of makeup brushes comes with nine-piece sets for multi-tasking and is suitable for applying cream to liquid to powder foundations. They are extremely versatile to use with other tools such as blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, and also with eyeliner. It’s one of the high-quality makeup brush sets suitable for use by professional makeup artists and daily makeup wearers. 

The set of brushes include: 

Brush Type  Purposes  Cruelty-Free 
360 Detailer Brush  Use for applying concealer and eyeshadow.  Yes
428 Precision Fan Brush  For creating highlighters for a nice glow  Yes
306 Instapop Eye Crease Brush  Use for targeted Pigment and for glitter application  Yes
357 Pop Shadow Brush  Use with applying cream and powder shadows  Yes 
320 Blending Crease Brush  Fluffy brush for blending powder and cream shadows  Yes 
356 Angled Liner Brush  Flat angled brush for liquid and cream eyeliner  Yes 
204 Buffing Brush  Fluffy brush for powder and liquid foundation  Yes 
311 Fine LIner Bush  Thin brush for precise application of liquid and gel eyeliners  Yes 
219 Ultimate Powder Brush  Use for applying powders  Yes 

3. Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials 

Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials 

Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials | Hermagic

The Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials comes with an eight-piece set. These essential brushes create a flawless look and a natural look. Each of these brushes is designed for specific tasks and this is the reason why a single brush should not be used as an all-rounder brush. Thanks to the extra soft and frosty-tipped bristles that treat your skin gently and the metallic purple ferrules make it easy to handle.  

Brush Type   Purpose 
307 Shading Brush  Ideal for packing colour and for even distribution 
310 Essential Crease Brush  Used for blending powder and cream eye shading for a flawless look 
304 Defining Crease Brush  Use for creating precise lines and buffing out eyebrows for colour transition 
313 Definer Brush  Used for dragging products along the lash line 
332 Smudge Brush  Used for a soft effect and for creating a gradual smokey eye. 
308 Medium Shadow Brush  Used for gently sweeping a wash of colour onto the lid. 
312 Lash Separator  Used for dividing lashes and for eliminating mascara clumps  
311 Fine Liner  Used for precision, for evenly distributing products for a nice finish. 

4. Iconic London Ultimate Brush Set 

Prepare for every occasion effortlessly when you need to look dazzling. Evenly get your makeup on your face to look natural. The Iconic London Ultimate Brush Set comes with a makeup kit of 12 different brushes. If you are looking for a lasting investment with makeup brush sets this set of 12 brushes will do the magic. They are designed to deliver a flawless professional look. The ultra-soft synthetic bristles will not only deliver a nice finish but will treat your skin gently. It’s perfect for those who have sensitive skin. 

The set includes: 

Brush Type  Purpose  Cruelty-Free 
Large powder Brush  Used with loosing and pressed powders to create a balanced finish  Yes 
Tapered powder Brush  It’s used for enhancing complexions with increased dimension, and easily blends out harsh lines and edges  Yes 
Foundation Buffer  Used with cream, crafted powder, and liquid-based formulas to easily blend on your face  Yes 
Contour Buffer  Usef for creating poise and precision, and also for sculpting the visage  Yes 
Angled Powder Brush  Use for blending products swiftly for a natural look.  Yes 
Concealer Blender Used for applying the product evenly on hard-reach areas of the face such as eye contour.  Yes, 
Flat Fan Brush  is used for applying highlighter and also used for removing fallout. Yes, 
Large Shader  Used for packing products and for blending out harsh lines and edges to create a soft touch finish.  Yes, 
Medium Angled Shader  Used for applying brow-based products, and for blending shadows in the crease.  Yes, 
Tapered Blending Brush  Used for blending harsh lines and edges and for maximizing product control  Yes 
Small Angle Brush  Used for creating smooth lines, sharp and evenly eyeliner. Suitable for liquid and get formulas.  Yes
Small Point Brush  Used for applying eyeliner, filling, and defining brows.  Yes 


If you are looking for a greater variety of makeup brush sets check out Lookfantastic. It’s not required to mention but these tools are highly essential to get your makeup to have the look you need. They over time get you the best makeup experience both for daily makeup weather and for professional makeup artists. For more information visit Hermagic.. 


How do you know what makeup brush is used for what?
The first thing to know anything about the makeup brush sets is to understand the purpose of each makeup brush. The type of makeup brush depends on how they are designed and for what they are used.  Makeup brush is used for different purposes.
Is it important what makeup brush you use?
Yes, using randomly is not advisable at all. Different types of makeup brushes are made for applying costmestic to certain areas on your face. So if you are using the wrong one for the wrong pursuit then you are likely to get an unsatisfying result with your makeup routine.
How often should you replace makeup brushes?
If you buy good makeup brush sets they will last for years but a minimum of 1 to 3 years is good enough to get the best of the makeup brushes. While in between they should be washed or kept cleaned to remove the remains of foundations. 

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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