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The Most Stylish Jackets For Women For An Inclusive Winter Wardrobe

 Jackets for women

Jackets for women | Hermagic

Have you ever heard of jackets being out of fashion? Never! They have never gone out of fashion and will never do so. They are so versatile because of the infinite possibilities of layering that they are always considered to be wardrobe staples. Simply change one piece of your clothing and you have a new look because of how well jackets go with each apparel. In this blog, Hermagic will talk about everything that you need to layer jackets like a pro and curate a list of the best jackets for women for the winters. 

Everything You Need To Know To Layer Jackets For Women

Decipher the Color Theory

Understanding the colour wheel is the first step to curating stylish winter outfits with jackets for women. This visual tool illustrates the relationships between primary, secondary, and tertiary colours, offering valuable insights for your wardrobe. To achieve a visually pleasing colour scheme, consider the following tips:

Complementary Colours: Colours directly opposite each other on the colour wheel create striking contrasts. Utilise these pairs to make your outfit pop.

Analogous Colours: Opt for colours adjacent to each other on the colour wheel to create a harmonious and soothing effect in your winter ensemble.

Triadic Brilliance: Select three colours evenly spaced on the colour wheel for a dynamic and balanced look, adding depth and visual interest to your winter jacket outfit.

If you prefer a more minimalist approach, embrace a monochromatic look by incorporating various shades and tints of a single colour. Additionally, experiment with texture mixing to elevate your style.

Master the Art of Layering

Winter is the season of layering, allowing you to stay warm without sacrificing style. Embrace these layering techniques to enhance your winter look:

  • Jacket Over Button-Down: Layer a cosy jacket over a button-down shirt for a classic and chic combination that keeps you warm and fashionable.
  • Long Belted Coats: Elevate your style with a long belted coat worn over a turtleneck. This timeless pairing adds sophistication and warmth to your winter ensemble.
  • Seasonal Transition: Don’t hesitate to incorporate your favourite summer pieces into your winter wardrobe. Pair a mini skirt or maxi dress with your women’s winter jacket to create a unique and stylish layered look.
  • Scarves and Shawls: Pair your winter jacket with a cosy scarf or shawl. The contrasting textures and colours can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. You can opt for a chunky knit scarf for a rustic look or a delicate shawl for a more refined appearance.
  • Belted Blazers: If you want a more tailored and polished look, try belting a blazer over your winter jacket. This layered ensemble adds a touch of structure and sophistication to your outfit, making it suitable for both work and special occasions.
  • Leather Jackets and Turtlenecks: Embrace an edgy style by pairing your leather jacket with a turtleneck sweater. This combination is both trendy and cosy, making it a perfect choice for a night out or a casual day.
  • Sweater Dresses: Make a statement with a long sweater dress under your winter jacket. This chic combination exudes sophistication and keeps you warm. Add tights and knee-high boots to complete the look.

Top Picks for Jackets for Women

1. ONLY ONLLINETTE FUR OTW – Winter jacket 


ONLY ONLLINETTE FUR OTW – Winter jacket | Hermagic

This thigh-length jacket with a two-way zipper ensures effortless style and functionality. Its sleek, plain pattern offers a timeless appeal, complemented by a lined hood with a detachable faux fur collar for warmth and comfort. Long sleeves provide ample coverage, while zippered pockets keep essentials secure. Ideal for the cold season, this jacket combines fashion and practicality seamlessly.

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2. LEANDRA VEST – Bodywarmer – green

This thigh-length, oversized green puffy jacket offers versatile style and cosy comfort. With a lined collar, concealed zipper, and the added flair of a belt, it’s a perfect choice for those seeking a chic winter wardrobe essential. Crafted from 100% polyester, the jacket features warm lining to keep you snug during colder days. The sleeveless design allows for easy layering, while the plain pattern ensures it pairs effortlessly with various outfits.



Calvin Klein Jeans LW PADDED LONG FITTED JACKET | Hermagic

This thigh high coat comes with a belt, showcasing the iconic Calvin Klein logo, adding a touch of sophistication. Its plain pattern complements any outfit, while the lined hood offers extra warmth and comfort. With long sleeves and a hoodie neckline/collar, this coat is a perfect choice for those seeking both fashion and function.

4. Calvin Klein Jeans FITTED PADDED JACKET 

This Calvin Klein women’s jacket, boasting a sleek print pattern, comes with a fully lined collar featuring the iconic Calvin Klein logo. The long sleeves provide extra warmth for those chilly days. With a regular, straight fit and a convenient zipper closure, it’s a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

5. Vero Moda VMUPPSALA – Winter jacket 

Vero Moda VMUPPSALA - Winter jacket 

Vero Moda VMUPPSALA – Winter jacket | Hermagic

This knee-length brown coat, with its quilted pattern, is a versatile winter essential. It features side pockets with secure button closures, offering convenient storage and warmth. The coat boasts long sleeves, a lined hood, and a two-way zipper for customizable comfort. The plain pattern exudes timeless elegance, making it suitable for various occasions. Stay cosy and stylish while braving the cold in this meticulously designed, lined coat with a hooded neckline for added warmth and fashion-forward functionality.

6. ONLY ONLSEDONA – Bodywarmer

This versatile thigh-length hooded coat with a concealed zipper and button closure for ultimate style and comfort. This hooded coat features a lined hood for added warmth and a fitted, regular fit shape that flatters any silhouette. It comes with a belt for a personalised fit, while the plain pattern ensures a timeless, chic look. With a sleeveless design and an active zipper closure, this coat is the ideal choice for those seeking a stylish and cosy outer layer for any occasion.


The key to ace winter fashion has always been to experiment, mix and match jackets for women with other pieces of clothing, and let your creativity flow as you layer up your look with these fantastic fashion essentials. Since jackets for women already come in a lot of styles, it is very easy to create new outfits with just a little bit of effort. Check out the vast collection of jackets for women suggested by Hermagic on Lounge by Zalando today and transform your winter wardrobe with the best jackets for women available! 


What is the difference between a coat and a jacket?
One way to distinguish between the two could be that the former is exclusively used for outerwear while jackets can be worn indoors too.
What are the latest trends in women's jackets?
Solid colours or Boho prints are quite popular these days in jackets for women.
What are the best winter jackets for women?
You can consider the Calvin Klein Jeans Fitted Padded Jacket as your regular jacket in the winters. 

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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