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Give Your Home Boho Vibes With These Antique Dressers

Antique dresser

Antique dresser | Hermagic

Antique furniture, with its vintage wood, was built to last. These furniture pieces are best known for their detailed design like ornate handles, and carved woodwork. If you are looking to collect vintage pieces for your living room or a history buff then I am sure that these antique dressers will give you a glimpse of the past. You will discover the history of people and their culture, their craftsmanship, and more. In this blog, we will explore how you can showcase and take care of your vintage furniture and also list some top collections of these furniture pieces for your living space.    

Antique Dresser Ideas: Tips On Repurposing Your Old Furniture

Do you have an old dresser at home that you don’t know what to do with? Fret not because we have put together some creative and easy ways to redecorate your dresser below! 

Repurpose it into a bench

You can convert your old dresser into a bench by removing the top and upper drawers from it. Add a piece of plywood to make a seat, paint it, and a piece of foam for softness.  


You can get a rustic appearance by getting the dresser whitewashed. It will give a worn-in look to the piece. 

Distressed Finish

Experience the charm of aged aesthetics by distressing the surface of antique dressers. You can use sandpaper to get a weathered look.

Upgrade the hardware

You can enhance the dresser’s overall look by replacing old knobs or handles with vintage-inspired hardware. It can make a significant impact on its overall look. 

Best-Selling Antique Dressers On Etsy 

1. Antique dresser with mirror

Antique dresser with mirror

Antique dresser with mirror | Hermagic

Keep your makeup, skincare essentials, and accessories organized with this Antique dresser with mirror on Etsy. The drawers are compartmentalized into different blocks for storing items like lipsticks, beauty tools, and more neatly. This antique dresser can be the go-to furniture option for a girl like Monica Geller, the ultimate neat freak!  

2. Antique dresser drawer

Add a 1930 old school vibe to your home decor with this dresser. It can be an optimal alternative with its vintage and classic appeal. It comes with 5 drawers and is painted in a rustic shade of green, giving a minimalist vibe. The solid wood drawers are durable and perfect for keeping your daily essentials organized. You can place it in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom (yes bathrooms can be vintage-aesthetic!) and enhance the space effortlessly.

3. Antique dresser table

Antique dresser table

Antique dresser table | Hermagic

This antique dresser table has a design created by embedding small pieces of bone into wood. The crafting of this table is traditional, adding a boho and cultural appeal of the Middle East to your space. The bone inlay technique of the dresser is skillfully shaped with small bone pieces on the wooden surface. There are four drawers for storage and is a very eye-catchy furniture piece for any living space.

4. French Provincial dresser

You can use this French Provincial dresser as an entryway piece, dresser, changing table and more. The basic structure of this dresser is made out of wood and can be customized in any colour you want. There are a total of nine drawers in this complete dresser which makes it one of the best available furniture pieces for a person with a lot of physical things to take care of.

 5. Antique Wood Dresser

Antique Wood Dresser

Antique Wood Dresser | Hermagic

This Antique wooden dresser comes along with a lively handmade bone inlay targua style storage drawer, and four additional drawers for managing everything you have to keep safe. You may claim it as a nightstand, a dressing cabinet or a living room addition, bedroom, study, etc.

Things To Keep Handy While Maintaining Antique Wooden Furniture

Keeping a hundred-year-old furniture and maintaining its looks needs great attention and proper care. The wood used in antique pieces of furniture continues to age and if proper care is not infused, then multiple things such as split, discolour, crack or even weakening of the wood can evolve with time. Let’s get aware of the ways to maintain the good health of antique furniture. 

The placing of the furniture

Direct sunlight can damage antique wood. The heat and dryness cause wood to expand and crack, also leading to discoloration. You should keep such a piece in a room that avoids all of this. Neither should it be placed near the fireplace or radiator. Avoid a dry atmosphere so that the wood does not lose any moisture. Use a humidifier to protect it.

Cleaning of the antique wood furniture

Dirt can be a big cause of affecting the quality of your furniture. Frequent dusting with a soft, dry cloth can help a lot. Wipe the dust off rather than using chemicals, which can significantly damage the surface. Also, you should avoid wet cleaning as it can affect the finishing of the furniture.  

Also, polish the furniture with beeswax or a new polish product. Start in an area where the mark won’t be seen just in case the polish reacts. 

Protection against insects and pests

A lot of insects and pests tend to be attracted to such vintage and old furniture like termites, beetles and woodworms exactly how a bee is attracted to honey. There might be tiny holes in the furniture, there are high chance that it has been infected. Get a specialist to help get rid of these insects before they damage any further and that piece of furniture cannot be restored.  

Get it insured against damage

To help you cover the cost of restoration work, it’s a good idea to get the furniture insured against damage. Get it veiled first so you know exactly what it is worth and how much it is likely to increase in value over the years. This can help you get accurate insurance, as well as help you ascertain whether it needs any further special attention to keep it looking its best. 


Enhance your home’s aesthetic with some antique dressers available on Etsy and make it look like your home is one of a kind. While you select an antique piece for your home or anywhere you want to, you need to consider factors like the craftsmanship of that particular piece, its historical context, and the overall appeal it will add to your place. For people like us who like to collect old and antique things, these furniture pieces carry a sense of nostalgia and old school vibe to them, making them valued additions to contemporary interiors and antique collections.

For more information, visit Hermagic


What makes a dresser antique?
Anything over 100 years so before 1920 is considered antique. You can also check the joinery of the furniture. Machine-cut furniture was made after 1860.
How do I identify an antique dresser?
Check if there are any labels or manufacturing tags on the furniture. It will tell you who made it, where, and in what year.
What not to do to antique furniture?
Direct sunlight can affect the antique wood. Put it in a place that does not get direct sunlight.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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