It’s highly unlikely that we spend any time thinking about our actual desks or workstations at the office. Well, that’s hardly a surprise, but considering that you spend most of your waking hours here, it might make sense to add some color, zing, personality, and energy to this space. This simple step could drastically change the way we view the office and our work life, and it could be the most fun task you’ve ever undertaken. We have a few ideas on how you could do just that. Let’s get right to it!

Vibrant vibe

Go on and add some electric vibrancy that will dull down or drown out the drudgery of work. For this, select a bright, energetic and vibrant color scheme. After this, look for elements like stationery, photo frames, pictures, shelves and so forth that fit into the scheme of things and go mad with it!

Go eclectic

Add a whiteboard to your workspace, and use it as you would an offline status message. What’s more, you can customize it with your own little insights, designs, and lines that will motivate you. In fact, you can turn it into anything you like! The best thing about it is that you can let it reflect who are for that moment in time – only for you to erase it all off, and let it reflect the new you later on!

Let your light shine

Get a lamp into your workspace and let a more creative and calming mood set in. Besides, this will kill the harsh and clinical glare of the white lumens at the office. You’d be surprised at what a difference this could make. Soon enough, you’d be soothed, composed and ready to take on your day with gusto!

Green goodness

Why not add a bit of green to your desk? By this, we most definitely mean an indoor plant or two. In time, the plants will turn into your very own living, breathing desk companion. You could even end up creating an emotional bond with your plants, and this is something that will make you want to come back to your desk every day. You could go one step further and give the plant a nickname or three. What’s more, the science bods are quick to profess that a plant at your desk could even spur you on to work faster on computer tasks.

Break out a book

Keep some of your favorite books or books you’re currently reading at your desk. Your choice of book will reflect the person you are, and possibly even the person you are outside of work. Furthermore, your books could serve as a good conversation starter and could help you make deeper connections with colleagues. What’s more, reading a few pages of your books during your work day will serve as a welcome mental vacation. As a bonus, you could also add some quirk with some funky and funny bookends.

A thousand words

Stick a couple of pictures of family and friends onto your workspace. This will make your work desk feel so much more like home. Moreover, it will act as a pick-me-up for those moments when you could do with one at work. That aside, you could even bring in the latest masterpiece that your youngest child came up with, and admire it in all its glory through the day.

Bright cabinets

Office furniture can often be very samey and oh so dull and boring. So, why not add a dash of color by wallpapering over cabinets and shelves? This is a great idea to add some contrast and a splash of unique color and quirk!

Fight the claustro

Chained all day to that little desk can make you feel a bit claustrophobic. That’s why creating the illusion of space with a mirror or two won’t go amiss. Try it out today!

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