You may often find yourself disappointed with people, situations, or yourself. Whether someone else gets promoted at your place, or your leave application gets rejected, or you fail to meet your project’s deadline — getting disappointed is natural. We desire a strong and stable career, straight out of the Theresa May handbook, and we invest ourselves into it, expecting a green and fruitful yield. But as Ryan Reynolds puts it, “When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.”

Understandably, work-related disappointments can leave you shaken, battle weary, and bitter. But you can always bounce back to rock the show, hitting all the disappointments right in their face. Here is how-

Stay composed: Presented with extreme disappointments, you can be tempted to fly off the handle, engage in a war of words, or worse, let things descend into complete corporate chaos! No matter how unavoidable it may seem, you must resist this temptation to “give back,” Be professional and stay calm. Displaying raw emotion on the floor may be regarded as nothing short of disastrous, and unbecoming of corporate culture. Save your rants for your after-work drinkathon, this way you’re alive to fight another day.

Feed your confidence: Quite often, situations such as these are enough to batter and rattle even concrete-infused confidence. This can leave you battle-shy, sapped of energy, and more importantly – losing faith in your own abilities. This is simply a horrible scenario! Now, put some space between the situation, take some time to calm your jangled nerves and get a grip on reality, and you’ll soon realize that things not as bad as they seem. Things haven’t always been bad, have they? Look over your multitude of successes, and use this to feed your shattered confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be up and at ‘em again! Subdue the subjective: It’s not unreasonable to admit that we take things way too personally, and take any disappointment as a pointed disregard of our own worth or capabilities – this assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. Therefore, it makes sense to prevent your emotions and feelings from getting the better of you. In fact, why not assess the situation objectively, this can help you learn from this experience and help you win the next time.

Assess, re-draw, re-plan: Routine disappointments are relatively easy to rise up from again. That said, there are others which have a definite air of finality about them. Now, if you’re sure that some drastic changes are needed, then don’t go hammer and tongs at it right away. Rather, take some time to clearly and carefully assess your options, explore the possibility of course correction, and then make the right move when you feel the time is right. Do what’s best for you, that’s all!

Getting over a funk or major disappointment at the workplace is critical to your success and survival in the big bad corporate jungle – so we do hope these pointers will help you rise up from the ashes once more, not unlike a glorious phoenix!

And finally as Robert Kiyosaki, the American businessman and author, words it, “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

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