Ask any stylist or fashion blogger, they’ll all tell you that your wardrobe is incomplete if you don’t have a white shirt or blouse. This humble clothing item will be the most versatile item in your wardrobe. The only thing more versatile than this would be perhaps denim. Be it skirts, suits, pants or denim, a plain blouse goes with it all. Be it black, navy, red, beige or even a neon pink, a white shirt will never fail with any color. Need we give any more reason to get a white shirt or blouse?

If you already have one, once you’re done with this article, you’ll know how to style it perfectly. A day at the office, night out with friends or even a date night, this article will give you all the tips you need to make an effortless go-to look. In fact, not just one, but so many!


Wear your favorite suit

Suits of all kinds, whether a full formal or semi-casual, one with trousers or the summer day shorts, suits are always in trend. A plain white suit will always look fab in a suit, whatever the color. The white shirt, however, looks an absolute classic with neutral shades like black, beige and navy.


Use it to Layer an Outfit

A simple white shirt can be used to layer an outfit. If you own a simple slip dress, you can give it a full new look by just layering it with one of your plain white shirts. Tie it up at the front for a fully transformed look for your dress. Pair it up with simple sandals or heels and a basic raffia bag.


Tie it at the Front

If you have a white shirt that’s a little oversized, you can make a look that says chic and fun. Just grab a pair of well-fitting denim or tights. If you’re tall, something skinny will look great, but for shorter women, a boot-cute or regular shaped lowers will do. With your white shirt, it’s pretty simple. Just put it on and tie it at the front, that’s it! You can pair it up with simple jewelry, like shells, and a pair of sneakers will look great!


Wear it with a Skirt

A skirt is a very classy item of clothing. Depending on the length and kind you chose they are dressy enough for parties, evenings or any kind of casual events, but formal enough to be worn for a formal event. These can be paired very easily with a plain white skirt. Whatever the color, or even if they’re printed, a simple white shirt will always look chic. If the skirt you choose is a neutral shade, you can finish off the outfit with either nude heels and a bag or with a color-pop duo. The nude makes for a somber and formal combination, whereas the color-pop can make for a fun party vibe.


The Timeless Denim Look

Pairing your white shirt or blouse with denim is one look you could never EVER go wrong with. Denim and white shirts are a combination as good as wine and cheese.

  • For a summery look, go for a white cropped or short top with your jeans. Paired with some sneakers, you have the perfect casual and athletic kind of look.
  • A button-down white shirt looks great tucked in. An oversized shirt tucked in gives a casual look and a fitting one makes for a trendy outfit.
  • For a full casual, just put on your favorite white shirt with that denim you love. Loose or fitted, trust us, it’ll look great!


A casual lunch with your girlfriends, after office drinks or even if it’s the fancy conference, with the white shirt, you’re covered. A skirt, pants or denim, your plain white shirt will go with it all. Simple does the trick, ladies.