We all have that one person, the person who is there for you day or night, summer or winter, good or bad times. Sometimes all we want to do is show our BFFs some love and appreciation for all the times they are there for us. A care package is one of the very best ways to do that. Whether it’s for a friend who needs a pick me up or a friend who you want to shower with love, a care package will tell them how much you care about them and that they are in your thoughts.


Different Ideas for the Perfect Care Package

The idea of a care package is to fill it up with cute knick-knacks and some personalized items that remind your friend how much you mean to them.

First thing’s first, get yourself a cardboard box or basket of whatever size you wish. The next step is to decorate it with whatever you want. It could be glitter or pictures of the two of you or even quotes or your inside jokes that only the two of you would understand. Let those creative juices flow!

Next up is what to put in the beautifully decorated box of ours. Now there are a few items are can be universal for all BFF care packages. However, the beauty of a care package comes from the personalization. So, remember the key to a Perfect Care Package is to add a personal touch. Here are some ideas for items you can put in your care package:


Chocolates or Candies

First and foremost, EVERYONE LOVES SWEETS and you can never go wrong with them. To make it even better but in your bestie’s favorite chocolate or candy and you are in the clear for the first item.


Picture Collage or Picture Frame 

It goes without saying that you and your best friend have shared many memories and it’s a great idea to collect some of those memories in the form of a small Collage rolled up and tied with a bow. You could decorate it however you want and even frame it if you like.


Tips in a Jar

 Another adorable and simple idea is to make small notes on different colored papers and fold them and put them in a jar. To make it more fun you could color code them and make a key. For E.g. – Blue is for when you are feeling “Blue” or Red is when you are bored etc.



On the off chance, you have some savings and you can spend some of it, it’s an absolutely wonderful ides to buy your BFF and yourself matching charm bracelets or pendants. For E.g. – pendants which when put together form the words best friends forever or the more traditional lock and key charms.



 As best friends it’s our sworn duty to our friend to tell them when they need to use chapsticks or in need of a few sprays of deodorant. So add those or anything else that your friend regularly uses and you know will come in handy.


Tissue Paper 

Lastly and as cheesy as it sounds, don’t forget to put in a pack of tissues because chances are high your BFF might be teary while going through your bundle of love. Tissues in that scenario might come in handy.


Theme your packages

You can also customize your packages according to diff situations. For instance, a Bon Voyage package in which you could put in some coffee, a bookmark, passport holder, etc. it could as be a First Date package in which you could add some lip gloss, nail polish, mints, razors, etc. 

Once your items are ready and your box or basket decorated, just seal it up properly and deliver it. That’s all it takes!