Bohemian decor is for those free-spirited souls who like to celebrate life. It is an interesting amalgamation of culture, history, and art. A bohemian lifestyle is unconventional, eclectic and full of life. It belongs to people who are not confined by the societal norms and are nomadic at heart. They could be writers, artists or simply connoisseurs of all the good things in life. If you want to create a space that is entirely yours, bohemian decor could be for you. You can draw inspiration from Eastern countries like India, Morrocco to build an eclectic yet exquisite home.
Here are a few simple ways that you can use to create a bohemian look.

Bohemian colors


When you think of a bohemian house, colors are the first thing you can envision. You can use an array of colors and include warm tones and metallics. You may use earthy colors for the background and use accents in the shades of purple, deep blue, bright pinks, reds, and yellows. However, you can use any color as you please as long as you are layering it and creating a unique look. You can also use colorful and patterned wallpapers for creating a space that is exclusively yours.

Mix colors and textures

The most striking thing about bohemian decor is that you do not have to restrict yourself. You can mix a variety of colors and textures. Something that an ordinary pair of eyes will not be able to envision. You can mix a number of textures that you may have collected from your travels. You can create layers by throwing a rug on the floor and a throw on your couch. For the walls, you can use woven baskets, wall plates, mirrors or tapestries. It is important to remember that the base color should be neutral so that all these accents can create visual harmony. You may even choose white as the background to give the illusion of more space behind these accessories. You can also go all-in with prints, whether they are delicate or bold print. You can even layer these prints for creating a beautiful space.

More is more


Bohemian decor is in stark contrast to minimal, sleek decor. The idea is to have a full-house with your decorative items. Mix and match them to create something that looks beautiful to your eyes. However, select artifacts that have a more rugged look. They need to be vintage or old but slightly distressed. As for the materials, select a wide range of natural textures like burlap, jute, and macrame. You can totally go overboard with both the textures and the number of artifacts in the house. You can even hang canopies over your bed to create a signature bohemian look.



It is difficult to get bohemian furniture at a store. Since it is eclectic, you have to visit a vintage store to buy what you need. Select pieces that stand out and have an interesting tale to tell. You can select plush couches in neutral colors and decorate with colorful cushions and throws. Another option is to create a floor seating with huge cushions against the backdrop of a beautiful tapestry. Boho decor is all about comfort and thus you can select from a range of lounger, chaise chairs, and daybeds. If space allows, buy a rope swing and throw a cushion or two for more comfort.

Dining Room


Use as many natural textures like cane and jute for window curtains, lampshades and wooden chairs in your dining room. Bring out a table cloth in a contrasting shade and pattern. Look for solid colored crockery in dark colors so that it can stand out amidst the revelry of colors.



Since this is the most personal space, you may want to give special attention to your bedroom. To start with, select an intricate wooden headboard. Another option is to opt for a headboard in Suzani or Moroccan patterns. You can use Turkish rugs on the floor to further emphasize your boho side. Other ideas are to choose prints like paisley for the curtains or select cabinets with inlays.