The purpose of Yoga is to spiritually train the person’s body and the mind to become self observant and to become aware of their own nature and temperament. Yoga cultivates a sense of discipline and higher consciousness in the individual pursuing it. Yoga focusses on the mental, physical and spiritual well being of a person and benefits the Yogi in many different ways. There are many benefits of practicing Yoga, some of them include providing flexibility to the body and the stiff joints, Yoga also increases muscle strength and tone, it also improves the ability of the person to respire properly and energy and vitality of the body as well.

Yoga also helps in maintaining a balanced and proper metabolism, it also helps in reducing body weight, it also affects cardiological and circulatory health systems of the body, it also improves athletic performance and protects from injuries and clotting of blood.


Some Prominent Benefits of Yoga

These are some of the mental and physical benefits of Yoga.

  1. Yoga helps in the attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony for the human body, it promotes self- healing and removes negative vibes and toxins from the mind and the body.
  2. It also enhances personal power and gives the will and power to live with greater awareness.
  3. Yoga helps in maintaining focus and helps teenagers to concentrate properly. It helps them to relax and loosen up to give 100 % to all their activities for the whole day. Also, it reduces stress and tension in the physical body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.


Yoga: Your Best Companion in Building Meaningful Relationships

Yoga can be a very important factor in affecting our relationships as well. In the present era, an individual’s life does not only start at home and end at home. A single person has a very diverse circle of acquaintances. It is not possible that all the people around him are of the same temperament. There might be fights and small problems that might arise between them and this can create hassle and tussle in the person’s mind. Also, it creates instability in the person’s mind which might lead to problems in everyday life and at every place.

At this phase of life, Yoga is the best alternative to go for. According to Mark Whitwell, the renowned yoga teacher and long-time student of the great Guru Krishna Acharya, also the author of several books including Yoga of Heart: the healing power of intimate connection, “Asana and pranayama empower the system for relationship.


Some Easy and Famous Poses in Yoga

There are certain poses that are proven to have done betterment in relationships, some of them are as follows.

  • The Namaste Pose

Namaste is the act of learning to see the light in your partner and realizing that your partner plays an important role in your life.


  • The Warrior II Pose

Warrior II cherishes and makes us realize our strengths and weaknesses. It helps us to stand strong and warrior away those voices of self-doubt.


  • The Dancer Pose

The Dancer Pose teaches you to stay straight and have balance in your life so that you can maintain a happy and successful relationship. It teaches you to build your mental focus and sense of clarity.


  • The Wheel Pose

The Wheel Pose tells us to move equally in every direction at the same pace and speed so that no one is left behind in the race of life. It also teaches you to confront all the problems which come in your way and tackle them in the easiest way possible.


  • The Headstand Pose

Headstand pose tells us to view the world from a different perspective. It tells you to turn your world upside down and experiment with your life to make it ready for all the problems which may come in everyday life.