Windows are not only functional but if placed strategically, can enhance the look of your home. They not only allow natural light and fresh air, but windows are also essential to the interiors of your house. However, more often than not, they get ignored.

Your window treatments can make or break the look of your rooms. The good news is that there so many options to deck up your windows that you will find something that is just right for you. Whether you want to give your house a vintage or a chic decor, window treatments can help you in achieving the right look.

Let’s dive into different options that you can consider for your windows.

Sheer curtains

Get them if you do not get enough sunlight in your room. They also work wonderfully for your work studio where you need natural light but would also prefer some privacy. You can pair them roman shades or opaque curtains to add layers to your windows. Go for sheers in the same shade as your wall colors if you would like them to blend seamlessly in your room. The latest trend is to draw them all the way up to the ceiling to create an illusion of height. Besides, you can also opt for textured sheers to add a little drama.

Roman blinds

They are a good one-time investment that will last you for years. They are highly functional and you can play with their heights to allow the right amount of light inside your rooms. You will find plenty of options like printed or textured ones if you would prefer to add a twist to your room. You can always double them up with curtains to change the look. Besides, adding another layer of curtains will make your room look like a retreat. You can also explore the option of controlling them with a remote for zero-effort operation.

Contrasting curtains

Would you like to add a bit of drama in your rooms? Well, consider adding curtains in contrasting colors to get there. You can go for curtains in deep red, mustard yellow or royal blue to give a stylish spin to your rooms. You may choose curtains with a thin contrasting trim or color blocking if you would prefer to keep it subtle. For instance, you can select a combination of ivory with red or grey with black to enhance your room decor.

Rattan blinds

You may consider this style if you want to add a bohemian vibe to your house. Rattan blinds do not block light completely and are thus, also perfect for bathrooms. Apart from giving you the right amount of privacy, they also match perfectly with printed wallpapers or deep-hued walls. A room with rattan blinds, lots of plants and colors may be the perfect haven for the bohemian spirit in you.

Silk curtains

The fabric of your curtains can make a lot of difference in the way your rooms look. Silk has traditionally been the fabric of royalty. Curtains made of silk can add a similar royal yet elegant touch to your rooms. If you are someone who appreciates vintage decor with statement accents pieces and velvet sofas, silk curtains may be the right option for you. Choose them in deepest hues to add a dignified sense of drama. Oh, and do not forget to add tie-backs to add to their beauty.

Window finishes

You can explore the options of frosted glass, window films, and stained glass if you prefer modern and simplistic design. The best part is that you can do these treatments all by yourself. Frosted glass is the perfect option if you would like some privacy yet want to enjoy your view. You can use contact paper or spray products to achieve this effect. Go with adhesive films if you do not want to permanently change the look of your windows. They are easily removable and are the right option for someone who likes change. Another option is to use stained glasses to add a unique look to your rooms. You can opt for colored stained glass to add some drama or use clear lead glass for simplistic decor.