There are some places in the world that you fall in love with just at first sight. Taipei is one such place. Anyone who wishes to visit Taipei will be completely smitten by the lovely place. It is modern yet tropical. The people are friendly and warm while the food is amazing. 

Below are a few reasons why you should visit Taipei. 


If you are a person who loves the culture, Taiwan should be on your travel list. The island is filled with so much history and art that you might want to stay there forever. For you to begin with learning about the cultural history, you can begin with the National Palace Museum that is in Taipei. This place is treasured with centuries-old Asian and Chinese art. 

That is not all; you can take a train to downtown Tainan, and visit the Chimei Museum which is filled with history. As you enter, you will be taken to an eclectic private collection that has everything from Rodin sculptures to samurai armor. This all would take you a day, but the day would be perfectly spent as you learn about the history and art of Taiwan. 


If you are about to visit Taiwan, the best time to go here is during their Lunar New Year as there are so many festivals that take place throughout the country. Here are three main and distinct ones that you would love to be a part of:

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival

A highly unique festival, the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks festival takes in Tianan, where the town hosts the festival and people from all around come to be a part of it. As the name says, the festival’s main attraction is the over the top display of firework. Anyone who wants to get close to the source of the fireworks, can wear a fire-protectant suit and do so. 

Or you can also just climb up a tall house or temple to get a great view of the fireworks. Along with this, the local merchants offer Taiwanese delicacies including desserts, soups, and stinky tofu. Anyone who is an explorer would love every part of this.

Pingxi Lantern Festival

This is a festival celebrated in a small local town – Pingxi, an hour away from Taipei. The town is so beautiful and it looks like something out of a fairy tale with little wooden homes, green fields, and a picturesque river. When you get here,  take time out to visit the tiny tea houses and have a sip of their locally grown tea. 

As the sun sets, the festival begins. And the thing that makes this festival great is the large size of the lanterns going into the air. They are four feet tall and a few people have to send it off. The visitors are asked to write their wishes on the lantern before setting it ablaze.

Pingtung Lantern Festival

This is also a lantern festival, but it is different from the last one and takes place in Pingtung. Here, the lanterns are used to create a colorful display of designs like festive Buddhas, dragons and so on. All this can be seen for about 2 kilometers as they fly off. Moreover, there are a lot of stalls with tasty food that you can fill yourself up with. So, keep an empty stomach if you are planning to go here.

The Food

Yes, just like every other country, Taiwan too, has a great list of local delicacies that you will love. And since Taiwan lies between Korean, Japan, and China, their food is influenced by all the neighboring countries. You can begin with the night market to have some tropical fruit smoothies, spicy chili crab and the famous Taiwanese stinky tofu (do not be pushed away by the smell of tofu, the dish is delicious). Explore the food market and the local street dishes in this small yet magnificent country.

This dynamic and unique place will win your heart once you visit it. Also, you will love the people here. So, make your next plan to Taiwan to enjoy its richness.