It all started with Google. Then came Yahoo. Then Facebook. Reddit. Tumblr. YouTube. Instagram. Twitter. Netflix. Hulu. LinkedIn. Tinder. Bumble. Pinterest. Flipboard. And our ever-favorite WhatsApp. So many apps and websites and portals to get lost on the internet. Such vast is the number that I’m positive that I’ve missed the ones a lot of you must be regular users of.

Point is, over the last 2 decades, human beings have very quickly shifted from being obsessed with people to being obsessed with the digital world. Almost all the important parts of our lives are affected by or related to the digital world.

There are plenty of statistics that prove that people all around the world are addicted to their smart-phones and the digital world. Let me give you some of it. One out of every 3 people feels that they have to check their phones every 5 minutes. They felt that they couldn’t even have conversations with their friends and families without checking their phones. Yet another statistic says that 41% of the youth was hooked to their smartphones and regular phones before they even graduated from high school.


Your Worst Digital Habits, Psychologically and Socially

  • Checking your phone first thing in the morning can induce a lot of anxiety. Starting your day with anxiety is a big no-no.
  • The obsessive Instagram updates, especially food photos on your story. Trust us, more people curse you for it than love you.
  • The time you spend on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest reduces your productivity significantly. Hours you can’t bad.
  • All the time on social media induces anxiety and FOMO, which is bad for your mental health.


Simple Tips for a Digital Detox

  • If you work or go to college/university with your phone, put your phone away for an hour or so once you get back. Don’t just put it on the bedside table right next to you. Put it somewhere it’s out of your sight and spend a few hours away from your phone. The few hours of peace will help you unwind and get your thoughts sorted.
  • If you’re heading for a vacation, consider turning off your phone at times when you don’t necessarily need it. If you’re worried about ease of connectivity, then turn off your internet. We know how much your Insta Family misses you and wants to see those beautiful sunsets and the cities you’re visiting. But trust us, the scenery is more beautiful if your mind is at peace. Instagram will be right there when you get back from your vacation, but the sunset won’t be there anymore. Relish it.
  • Set a few hours every day when you turn off notifications. And not, this has to be apart from the time you sleep. Don’t put your phone on silent, just turn off the notifications. This way you can disconnect without missing out on anything extremely important. Since your phone is still on, you can take calls, but the lesser important stuff like notifications should remain shut.
  • If you’re dining out with someone or going to the movies, put your phone away. Better yet, turn it on airplane mode. Yes, your friends did say that you can respond to that message or call back that co-worker, but they’ll appreciate it so much more if you gave them your undivided attention. Kathy from work can wait. And Prince Harry will stay just as cute, even if you see his latest picture an hour later.
  • When you head to your bed, just turn off your phone. Consider using a proper alarm clock to wake up. In fact, turn your phone off and put it away an hour before you sleep. Trust us, it’ll be the best sleep of your life.