When stranger things released in 2016, it made quite a wide impact. The main cast comprised of kids and none of them were well known enough to garner attention. But the story was top class, the audience was spellbound and Netflix got one show they could boast about.

3 seasons and 25 episodes later, Stranger things now is a classy TV series that has a huge fan base. If you haven’t heard it yet, the 4th season will come out soon. Since there is a handful of you who haven’t watched this epic TV series, we shall give you some pointers and try convincing you!

The Kids steal the show

5 kids handle the weight of making Stranger Things successful. These kids have done so much justice to the story and we feel that their improvisation has got out their best performances yet.

What we like about the kids is that the 5 main actors – Millie Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, and Caleb McLaughlin will make you laugh, make you wonder and sometimes even remind you of your childhood days.

The 80’s still is beautiful


There’s something about the 80’s that we all are fascinated about. “Stranger things” brings back nostalgic memories with a fictional town with the exact set up as one would find in the ’80s.

What we like about the show is that it gives a retro feel and also reminds you of the Stephen King styled setups that were followed in his adapted movies. With this setup, not only young kids but also the elders will enjoy watching a show that reminds them of their time!

Stranger Things is Humorous


The one thing you will not need to worry about is the humor quotient. Sure, the show has more mystery and darkness. But they make it entertaining with punch lines that make a lot of sense when spoken by the kids.

What we like about the humor between the kids as they deal with being a teenager. Right from jokes on relationships to tons of other dilemmas, they portray humor to the fullest. Not only kids but also the parents end up adding a lot of dark humor whilst speaking about parenthood and raising teenage kids.

The soundtrack is insane


It’s rare to find TV series where the soundtrack is out of the world. Artists like The Clash, New Order, Television, David Bowie, The Smyths and Joy Division will find a place in Stranger things and honestly, the music blends in the story so aptly.

What we like about the music is the theme that has been contributed by Texas duo Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. You will never forget this theme ever.

Winona Ryder and David Harbour

If the kids have stolen the show, these two stalwarts have ensured they remain in their best behavior. Playing the role of parents who need to make tough decisions and also save their kids, Winona Ryder has done a fantastic job in season 1 as the helpless mother looking for her missing son.

What we like about these two is that during 3 seasons, you’ll see the difficulties they go through while trying to give their children a good life. It’s quite inspirational if you ask us.

The Plot


We kept this point last primarily to show you how important the other pointers are as well. What makes Stranger Things one of the best shows today is the PLOT. The storyline has everything from mystery to horror to friendship and even romance. All this when mixed well brings out a gem of a result.

What we like about the Plot is how unique it looks when you start watching the episode. The Duffer brothers have their way of portraying a story and you will not get bored with this one – Promise!

Here’s why we think Stranger Things deserves to be binge-watched before season 4 releases.

Have you watched the show?

Which season was your favorite?

Did we miss out on any point?

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