The “Batman” series has been created, created again and then… again! There have been more than 15 movies made on this iconic character that dates back from 1943. People have loved this anti-hero who prefers to stay in the dark and clean the city streets off crime.

People were used to seeing a Batman movie release once in 3 years. But when Christopher Nolan brought out his 3 movie series on Batman, everything changed. The reaction received by the first movie “Batman Begins (2015)” was outstanding. However, everything changed in the 2nd movie “The Dark Knight (2008)” with many giving the movie a standing ovation. Naturally, the last part “The Dark Knight Rises (2012)” gave a fitting ending bringing an end to a saga which is still considered as the greatest ever!

So why are we gushing about these 3 movies in specific only? Here are 5 beautiful reasons for it:

The Plot is Legendary

For those people who are looking for a superhero movie, be ready to be surprised. We are saying this because Batman by Christopher Nolan is more than a superhero movie. You can call this as a crime thriller where you keep racking your brains thinking about the motive of the villain and also the climax!

What we like about the plot is that with each movie, the suspense, the climax keeps getting better and better. You must concentrate and not miss any minute details as everything unfolds in the last movie. This plot can easily be compared to legendary movies that we still remember even if we had watched it eons ago!

You will see longer than usual movies

Batman Begins – 2 hrs 20 minutes.

The Dark Knight – 2 hrs 32 minutes.

The Dark Knight Rises – 2 hrs 45 minutes.

The realism of Batman and Gotham is such that Christopher Nolan took a lot of time in detailing it in various expects. Because of this, the movie seems to be more logical, dense and hence longer than your usual movies.

What we like about this series is how detailed each scene is. The viewers must concentrate on each moment and hence you wouldn’t even realize when 2.5 hours of your life vanished. The whole series is so gripping that you’ll be on the edge of your seats!

Heath Ledger

Few actors have always been remembered for that one villainous role. We saw Anthony Hopkins in “The Silence of the Lambs” as Hannibal Lector. Now, you will remember Heath Ledger as “The Joker”. The performance got him an Oscar.

Yes, he died and left billions of people heartbroken. His portrayal as “The Joker” is so different and never has an actor performed so well in this role like him. The sly, cunning, smart and mad character will make a place in your heart forever. As per Christopher Nolan, he had improvised some of the scenes which made his character look even more amazing than before.

The Supporting Cast

No good series can only be successful because of their main leads. The supporting cast is needed too. In the Batman trilogy, you’ll see more contribution from the supporting cast and it’s often them that save the day! Everyone has their part to play and they all are very important.

What we like about this series is how they have given backstories for each character. Hence we urge you to keep note of all these aspects as every scene is important. So concentrate 100%.

Christopher Nolan

Our last reason is the man behind the camera “Christopher Nolan”. This man has delivered hits after hits. The movie-watching experience just gets better when he makes a movie. His added touch in this “Batman Trilogy” gave us all a series that we all will fondly have in our memories.

What we like about Nolan is his vision. The way he shot Batman is something that even fans didn’t expect. Now that we see the 1st movie which was 14 years ago, it still feels as fresh as it was that long ago!

So tell us, dear people, have you watched this series? What’s your fond memory of this “Batman Trilogy”? Comment below and let us know!