Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means ” to hear”. Yoga is a way of living with a motive to inculcate physical, mental and spiritual well being. Physical activities like sports and aerobics assure only physical health. They do not contribute much to the development of a healthy and creative mind. Yoga has no age limits, it helps all the kinds of people whether be it children or grandparents. With Yoga, kids get a strong mental and physical back up that enhances their state of mind. Want to know more benefits of yoga on kids’ development? Given below are some points on why we should do yoga regularly.

Increased flexibility and strength

Yoga improves body balance, physical strength, and flexibility in children. It helps one to escape the norms of backache, body ache or tiredness. Surya namaskar which is a set of 12 postures helps us achieve flexibility. As said by many gurus, doing 13 sets of Surya namaskar is equivalent to 288 yoga postures.


Improves concentration

Yoga offers psychological benefits for children and along with that, practicing yoga helps to improve the concentration of children to perform tasks with full attention and creativity for achieving greater heights in life. Yoga should be incorporated in schools as it helps to improve the health of the children. Padmasana keeps one concentrated and focused should be practiced.


Reduces stress

Yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety that most of the children go through. Stress is a problem in everyone’s life nowadays from children to adults. Some asanas like Trikonasana, Bhramari keeps one stress-free and relaxed, if practiced on a regular basis. Thus, your kid’s stress will be relieved and there will be a good positive sense in the entire body.


Improves breathing power

Pollution, whether be it of water or air, is known to every one of us. We breathe many toxic gases and we are left with no choice. Doing yoga mainly pranayama helps us deal with these problems and saves us from health issues like asthma. With regular breathing exercises, your kid’s body organs will receive oxygen that will help in improving the breathing power.


Helps with blood circulation

Good blood circulation helps one’s body to eliminate impurities and toxic waste faster. By doing yoga, our muscles get released which leads to better blood circulation. Asanas like Padahasthasana improves blood circulation in one’s body. As the blood circulation increases, the blood flows with a good intensity that prevents any problems occurring in the body.


Maintains body posture

Who doesn’t want to look good? Everyone wants a slim tummy and a perfect body posture. Yoga is something which you can do to attain that specially asanas like cobra posture, vrikshasana. When your kid’s body becomes very flexible, it naturally reflects in your body posture as well. Your kid’s body attains its straight posture once again. With this, the kid leads a life with the right posture and stays healthy too.


Helps one emotionally

Asanas like Nadishodhan keeps one emotionally stable. Yoga helps you think in a better way and attain mental peace. It helps you to keep your mind stable which automatically helps you to deal with emotional problems in a better way. Yoga brings one’s emotional state back to the same old peaceful zone that it was in before. A child who exercises regularly is less prone to any emotional breakdown and handles everything with ease.


Some Final Words

Thereby, we see yoga is a very smart and beneficial way to help children grow in all aspects of life. Maybe, it looks like it is just a physical activity but trusts me, by doing yoga regularly, one will feel oneself growing everywhere, whether it be sports or academics, whether it be sitting silently and concentrating or meeting everyone with a boost up confidence.

All in all, one must take out time for oneself. There is a lot of work to do and great heights to achieve. Everyone wants to be successful but along with that everyone should try to attain spiritual peace, mental health, and physical health. I think yoga is something that does all the three beautifully. Therefore, yoga is a must for children as well as adults.