“May the Force be with you” is one iconic dialogue from Star Wars. “May 4th”  is celebrated as the official day when Star Wars is celebrated by the fans in the USA. The Star Wars series has a cult following like no other! Starting from 1977, this space-based movie has garnered a loyal fan base.

At the end of 2019, a new movie will release in this franchise. We are assuming it will break box office records and that it will run in theatres with a packed audience. Now if you haven’t watched these movies, then surely this will not make sense to you. So, before all hell breaks loose, here are some amazing pointers on why we believe that you must watch Star Wars today! (SPOILER-FREE)

Iconic Series

Since 1977, this movie has been iconic for the majority of audiences in the world. Right from characters like Darth Vader, Yoda, and even Han Solo, these names have gone on to become an unforgettable memory. Action figures are still being sold 40 years after the movie was first released. Most of the characters were styled and portrayed as per certain individuals.

Some characters’ outfits were styled after the Nazi soldiers; one was based on Albert Einstein. What we know is that the actors used this series as a trampoline to jump and reach new heights in Hollywood!

Highly rated movies

Check out the ratings of Star Wars online! It is one of the movies in the Top 20 movies of all time! That speaks miles about a series that brought joy in people’s lives. You cannot just refer them to be a cult classic only. They also have been critically acclaimed and have won many awards. What we also know is that this series is one of those rare ones which have a passionate and loyal audience. There are die-hard fans who will watch the whole series before watching the latest one in theatres!

Improved Movie Quality in Hollywood

Around 80 years ago, movies shifted from black and white to color. A few years later cuss words were used and so with time, the quality of movies and effects too began upgrading. But when Star Wars released, they focused a lot on special effects. It resulted in a spellbound audience worldwide. This movie brought a lot of focus on special effects and hence we can proudly see so many good quality movies today. You will also be surprised to know that some of the technology used in the movie is still in use today. Isn’t that great?

Star Wars teaches a lot of life lessons

This movie is considered as a story that teaches a lot of life lessons. People who have watched it have admitted at some point in life, they’ve taken inspiration and advice from this very movie. Life lessons like the power of belief, trust and redemption are clearly shown well in this movie. But what we will always remember this movie for is the way they have shown the power of forgiveness! We are sure you will too learn a lot of life lessons on this epic journey of Star Wars!

Star Wars is everywhere in America

Firstly, we are not exaggerating when we say that Star Wars has a fan base everywhere in America. Many famous movies and TV series at some point have used a reference for Star Wars in the show. In one such show titled “How I Met Your Mother”, one character mentions that the only people in America who haven’t watched Star Wars are the actors in Star wars because they were living the story! A few Marvel movies have taken reference from Star Wars. So you can now understand the magnitude of their fan base.

So tell us, have you watched Star Wars? Comment below and do let us know.