Coach Carter released in 2005 and the movie received bright reviews. The story revolved around Mr. Carter who joins Richmond College as the head coach of the basketball team. This team had just won 4 out of 22 matches last year and the reason for this lies in their indiscipline.

The movie displayed a lot of students go through right from academics, handling family responsibilities, racism and even joining the world of crime. In less than 150 minutes, Coach Carter will display the truth of modern-day students and how they handle the pressure. There are 5 main points why we think every athlete student must watch Coach Carter.

Importance of good teachers/coaches

The whole movie tries to send a message to all of us that a good teacher is needed. With their help, children will grow up to be the future men and women of society. Not learning the right thing will not let the child grow up to their full potential.

What we like about Coach Carter is that throughout the movie, you will see him as the ideal teacher trying his best to do the job he was hired for. He knows he is responsible for shaping these young minds and hence will not take “NO” for an answer!

Importance of Discipline

Coach Carter is all about ideals, values, and discipline. He believes that nothing can happen if a person isn’t disciplined enough. Hence he will always refer to all the students as “Sir” and ensures they all address him in the same manner.

What we like about the movie is how Coach Carter instills discipline in these kids by showing them how a person must be treated no matter how they treat you back. Because he believes that form is temporary and class is permanent.

Importance of studies

The athletes in Coach Carter are young students too who give more focus on basketball. Their academics are not good and most of them aren’t even passing. The only reason they get away with things is simply because of their interest in sports.

What we like about Coach Carter is that he puts efforts into making these kids get good grades. When they resist, he stops basketball practice and suspends all the kids unless they show up at classes and improve their grades. It doesn’t matter to him that his team might lose their unbeaten streak because his main goal is to make these children grow into fine men.

Importance of Priority

As a student and athlete, priorities for studies often take a backseat. If you don’t get good grades in high school you cannot move to college. That means you will have to settle for odd jobs in order to make ends meet. Is that the life you would want?

What we like about Coach Carter is that throughout the movie, he emphasizes each time that what these students do today will decide what kind of life will they live in the future. If they are careless, they might end up jobless or worse in prison! But if they prioritize their studies and be athletes at the same time, they will surely have a bright future.

Importance of Athletics-Studies balance

The whole movie stresses the fact that every student can maintain proper athletics and academics balance. You can do well both as a student and an athlete but the road is difficult. In the movie, each of the main leads has a tough road ahead over them where they choose everything over academics.

What we like about Coach Carter is that he nurtures the students and shows them how they can have basketball and a good academic career with just the right amount of effort and a roadmap! Some of you might see yourselves in the students as they struggle to get everything right in a short amount of time.


This movie is not just about athletics. It’s about students all over the world who have to tough it out in order to become better and responsible adults. If you have ever been an athlete struggling to get better at studies, then we hope that this post helps you in some way! Do comment below with your thoughts about this post.