Hawaii has always been one of the topmost places for people to visit. The place has all the feel of what you can call a “well deserved holiday”. Some call Hawaii a place like no other on Earth.

While we can go on and on about this, we have listed some amazing pointers for you showing why Hawaii must be on your travel list this year.

8 Islands

Did you know that Hawaii is a total of 8 islands? Yes! There are 8 unique islands here that just are mesmerizing with the white sand, blue waters and an experience which you’ll surely remember. The 8 island names are Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Niihau, Kahoolawe, and Hawaii Island.

Each island is different

Not only does Hawaii have 8 islands but also each island has its own set of distinctive features. Oahu, also called the “gathering place”, is the most famous beach. Hawaii island is the youngest of all islands and is well known for the volcanoes. Kauai is the hiking paradise, Maui is for those who love shopping, adventure, waterfalls, and valleys. Like these 4, every beach has its own set of merits.

Hawaii is Diverse

Another aspect of Hawaii which you will appreciate is its diversity. There are many influences from different cultures which you can find here. Whether you’re Chinese, Samoan or even Spanish, there’s something for everyone here in Hawaii. That’s one of the reasons Hawaii is loved by all. They proudly showcase their culture through the Hawaiian language.

Hawaii is still not completely explored

You would be surprised to know that not all of Hawaii has been explored. Take a detour and you might find a secluded paradise which no one has ever captured. That’s the beauty of this place which has always welcomed everyone!

Pleasant weather

Yes, Hawaii is more inclined toward summers and it stays like that for maximum part of the year. Hence you’ll see the common folk wear shorts and bikinis. On average you can expect that the temperature will not cross more than 75°F (24°C) even when the sun is at its strongest.

Hawaii and their wildlife

Hawaii is not only known for its beautiful beaches but also for its diverse wildlife. There are dolphins, the rare green sea turtle, and even the monk seal. It’s a paradise for those who love animals, especially in water. To ensure that none of these precious lives is endangered, Hawaii has a simple law: Don’t get close and don’t ever touch them!

Food and Shopping

Like every other touristy location, Hawaii is also well known for its talented locals that prepare some amazing lip-smacking food and also show their art! Because of the diversity in their cultures, you can expect to see every culture leave a footprint in the food here.

Unforgettable Sunsets

One of the best parts of staying beachside is to watch the Sunrise and sunsets. The way you see our beloved sunrise from the east and set in the west is quite fascinating. We absolutely can vouch for the fact that it’s an experience which you will always remember and the sight is calming for your mind.

It’s a Hollywood friendly destination

You will be surprised to know that many TV series and Hollywood movies have been shot on this very island. Right from Moana to Lost and even the Pirates of the Caribbean, Hawaii has been a favorite destination which shows how everyone can feel the beauty.

Hawaii has always kept alive their beloved aloha spirit. The people here are friendly and will ensure that you have a great time. You surely will enjoy every minute of your stay in Hawaii.

So tell us, will you visit Hawaii? Do comment your thoughts on this post and let us know.