It is a sad truth that even though our sex lives have become a popular subject of conversation, the same cannot be said for sexual health. Though it is infinitely more important a subject (you can’t have the life without the health, after all), it is one discussed usually only in cases of emergency. Like when someone has done the deed without adequate protection.

Most sensible minds of our generation will agree that any conversation about unprotected sex must begin with these three words: Don’t do it. They will insist that any sexual encounter you indulge in involve a condom from start to finish, and they have good reasons for it.

The (Dubious) Joys of Unwanted Pregnancy

When it comes to sex, take Spike Milligan’s words to heart and use protection on every conceivable occasion. A few minutes of pleasure are not worth the world of trouble an unwanted conception can cause. And a pregnancy can result from unshielded contact between partners even before the act. Apparently, a few guerrilla sperms can make their way through. Don’t believe this? Check the thoughtful directions put on condom packaging.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP)-Friend or Foe?

If pregnancy is the rock, ECPs are the hard place. You may think they can save your ass after you’ve..err… gone in without backup, but they are not meant to do that. ECPs are like the commandos  – you only call them in an absolute emergency. Your average ECP contains a humongous dose of a synthetic hormone that besides preventing conception really disrupts your cycle. It can also have a host of unpleasant side effects ranging from nausea to excessive bleeding, as your gynaecologist will inform you if you ask.

So, it’s probably a good idea to think about contraception before you take any action. You could use birth control pills or IUDs, but condoms are really the best line of defence against the third threat to Your World Order.

STDs- Always On The Horizon

Of course, these are not so much of a risk if you are in a monogamous relationship and both of you had been tested. But in all other cases, you must be wary of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. They can range from the embarrassing to the ghastly, be difficult to treat and cure. They can also leave you with difficulties in conceiving if and when you choose to do so. Luckily for you, a condom will protect you from catching most STDs, provided you have the presence of mind to use it.

If you think about all of these troubles, we’re sure putting on a condom will seem no trouble at all. Just use one from the get-go to ensure that your post-coital bliss doesn’t give way to post-coital regret.

Sweta Vinod

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