Stephen King is not just a legendary author but also entirely an institution of good writing and story-telling. He has more than 60+ books under his name and has sold over 350 million copies to date. Most of his stories are based on horror, supernatural, fiction, and even suspense!

What makes his stories so interesting is the way they are portrayed. Over the years, more than 25+ stories have been turned into commercial movies. This shows the level that King has created with his stories! Keeping this in mind, we came up with our list of Top Stephen King adaptation movies that have been popular since the time it was created and even today!

Shawshank Redemption

This is perhaps the top-rated movie of all time as per IMDB. The story shows a mild-mannered person who goes to prison for murdering his wife and her lover. They show his life in prison throughout the movie. There is a lot to learn in this movie right from friendship to believe in you and also in miracles.

What we liked about this movie is how they displayed the story and also the simplicity in dialogues. You can easily relate to most of the things that the main character goes through. The climax won our hearts and hence this is the first entry of this list.

IT: Chapter One

Our second entry on this list had to be IT: Chapter One. This is a horror story set in the 1980s about a group of children that don’t fit in any group and are considered losers. They end up battling an evil supernatural clown. As the kids start checking their history they realize, the clown has been in this town for many decades!

What we liked about this movie is the plot, the storyline, the twist and also the horror scenes. The clown will surely haunt you and Bill Skarsgard has played an amazing role as Pennywise the clown! You must watch this horror show!


Some stories look so simple but can get scary by the second. This epic movie released in 1983 and is about a woman trapped in a car with her son by a deadly St. Bernard dog. The whole story revolves around them trying to make a move as sitting idle won’t work for long and somehow the dog will find a way to attack them.

What we liked about this movie is how they showed a simple story and displayed it in such an epic way. We must say that most of the movie is shot in one location but it doesn’t bore you at all. The suspense is amazing and hence you must watch it!


Carrie happens to be the first Stephen King’s adaptation in 1976, which went on to become a movie that no one can ever forget. The story revolves around Carrie, a girl who hasn’t had the best of childhood and has been picked on at school and also at home. Being picked on for so long pushes her to a point that awakens powers within her.

What we liked about this movie is the simple fact that pushing someone ahead of their limit can be devastating. The main role of Carrie has been portrayed amazingly. Be ready to get shocked as the story progresses!

The Shining

Keeping this as the last entry on this list as we feel this is not a movie that must be missed. Jack Nicholson has perhaps portrayed one of his best roles in “The Shining”. The story revolves around a family stuck in a hotel experiencing supernatural occurrences.

What we liked about this movie is the sound, the story and also the acting. The scenes will give you the chills and this is more than enough to be called a horror movie! Some of the scenes are unbelievable and hence you must watch it for sure!

So this is our list of top Stephen King movies that must be watched for sure. If you feel we missed out on any movie, do let us know. Also, kindly subscribe to our blog and get the latest updates!