For years now, our elders have taught u that money doesn’t buy happiness. In fact, there was an experiment done to see how much maximum should a person earn. And it was found that a person doesn’t need to earn more than $75,000 as it is enough. But there still will be many of you who would argue that more money can buy nicer homes, allow you to vacation always and this will make you happy. So, money does make people happy.

So, instead of assuming such things let us understand both sides of earning a lot of money.

When Money Makes you Happy

To answer the question that does more money make you happy – it does let you feel secure. But money does not solve all your problems. Let us, for instance, take that you are a person who is always angry, bitter or a loner, you will not become happier if you have more money. And on the other hand, just because money doesn’t solve all your problems, doesn’t mean it doesn’t solve any problems. 

So, yes, money can make your life simpler and better. In fact, with more money you can easily:

  • Retire Early.
  • Travel the World.
  • Eat better.
  • Stay at Home & take care of your kids.
  • Have more kids.
  • Buy new cars.
  • Build a great home.

With money in your hand, you can do a lot of things that can make you very happy. In fact, if you have seen poverty in your life, the money will change your world. So, even though we keep saying that money doesn’t make us happy, it is a lie. And we can admit that it does give us happiness. 

But that is for this side. Let us now talk about when money makes you miserable to weigh both sides.

When Money Makes You Miserable

Now that we have cleared the fact that money, in fact, does make people happier; why is it that people who earn more than $75,000 are usually not happy. As a matter of fact, there is a very simple answer to this. Many people spend their extra income poorly. They spend money on things that do not make them happy or are not useful. But that is not where it ends, there is a lot to it as shared below.

#1 Jobs Make them Miserable

The people who earn a lot feel that they are paid due to their intelligence and skills. But that is not the case. In fact, they are paid more because they accepted to do a difficult job. And the company pays these people more because they know that the job is demanding and will make these people unhappy. 

Seeing the money, people ignore the other parts of the job like the long hours, stress, business travel, time away from friends and family. Even though this might seem to be great at first, it is actually a way that takes you to unhappiness. So, it shouldn’t be anything surprising that people who earn a lot are very unhappy in life. 

#2 They Spend Money on Unnecessary Things

Earning a lot of money also makes people buy things that are not important and that do not make them happy. Expensive clothes, cars and so one does not bring happiness. Moreover, people tend to keep checking out what others are doing so that they can do better. And with this, you see rich people in a community fighting against the same things. Everyone will have the same cars, the same clothes and going on the same vacation. 

None of them enjoy this, they are just trying to look better. A person should be in terms of what makes them happy and not what the world does. 

The Bottom Line

In the end, the point to be explained is simple. Earning more money has become a competition and competition will not make you happy. Instead, you will need to see what makes you happy. In short, money is neutral. You do need it, but not a whole lot of it. You just need enough to keep you going and smooth. Just remember to spend money on things you love and not what people or your neighbors love.