If you are planning a trip to Europe any time soon, then you might be looking for a great flight option to reach there. In fact, there are a lot of budget flight airlines that fly into the continent. So, if you haven’t been able to get one, this blog might help you. 

Here is a list of budget airlines that you can choose from to reach the European continent:


Icelandair is a great flight. In fact, it is not just affordable, but a very comfortable flight as well. One of the cute things about this flight is that when you board the flight, you are given a small bottle of Icelandic water. Other than that, the flight seats are very comfortable, and you can easily add stopover without any additional airfare. Nevertheless, meals are not included in the flight. So, if you want to get some food to eat, you will have to pay extra for it. 


In case you are planning to go to any part of Spain, this is a great flight to take. The flight is pretty much affordable and is one of the most sought after and cheap flights you can get to reach any part of Spain. 

Norwegian Air

This airline has been awarded the World’s best low-cost long-haul flight for the fifth consecutive year at Skytrax Awards. And if you get on the flight, you will realize why it is so. The flight is great and very comfortable. You even get Wi-Fi onboard for free. In short, you will love flying with this airline. 

Aer Lingus

Another great and affordable flight is the Aer Lingus that takes you to any part of the UK. It is mostly selected to fly to Edinburg. You will come across different sized flights from these airlines but you will never experience turbulence in the flight. It is a very smooth flight and also affordable for moving around the UK.


If you want to travel to Budapest or any other places nearby, Wizzair is a good choice. But be warned that this is a budget airline and you will have to be careful with the rules of weight baggage just like for any other airlines. 

British Airways

Yes, the name of this flight might seem that though it is a very expensive flight. But just so you know, it isn’t. British Airways also comes under the budget flight. And since it is a budget flight, you can expect things to be just like it is for every other budget flight out there. So, follow the rules and be prepared to handle some issues on the way.


This is one of the most used budget flights in Europe. And is also a good flight. But you need to keep it in mind that even though they are good, how great the flight is, depends on where you are flying from. So, if the city is a small city, you can expect to have an issue with the staff and suffer from some turbulence in case the weather gets bad when on the flight. Otherwise, all is great about these airlines. 

 Air France

This is another great budget airline that you can use to fly around Europe when you get there. The flight is so smooth that you would even know when the flight takes off. 


Another great budget airline that you will enjoy. Just ensure that you follow the baggage rules that are there, and the rest would move smoothly for you. So, if they say you can have just ONE carry on, they mean ONE carry on. This does not mean that you can take a backpack and a purse. Moreover, when it is high season, check-in immediately. Reach there on time and check-in instantly or else you will be stuck at the end and would eventually get frustrated. 


This is a very popular budget airline that is in Europe since it has very good deals on the tickets. But when you are about to get on this flight, be careful about all the bad restrictions and ensure that you have your boarding pass printed and with you always.