We are less than 7 days away from celebrating Christmas 2019. People from all over the world have already begun decorating their homes, setting up the Christmas tree, making the crib and also practicing the Christmas carols!

There’s so much of festivity that you can feel the vibe around you. If you still aren’t feeling that way, then we have a solution for that too. Netflix released a special animated movie that is based on Christmas. Yes, you will learn so much about why Christmas is important and has been celebrated for over a thousand years!

Below we will mention 5 good reasons why watching “Klaus” can awaken the Christmas spirit within you! So read carefully and have a good time.


The Plot has been displayed brilliantly

We all know the story of Christmas. And more so, everyone knows about Santa Claus. In this story, a fictional place called Smeerensburg gets a new postman, Jesper. He befriends toymaker Klaus, an old man that loves making toys. Together they bring joy to many children’s hearts and try ending an age-old feud among 2 rival families.

What we like about the “Klaus” movie is that no matter what, you will find so much happiness spanned all over the movie. The kids look cute, the strictest of conversations will sound nice and overall, the plot has been designed to make you smile.


A simple act of kindness always sparks another

A line that stayed with us even after the movie ended. The makers tried giving this message through Klaus that when you do a simple act of kindness without any selfish motive, you will always spark that flame in another person. So when you do something, the other person will be kind to someone else too.

What we like about the movie “Klaus” is how they have put across a message of kindness. Children watching can learn positive traits and do exactly what the characters in Klaus do i.e. be kind to one another.


Gifting kids during Christmas

A tradition that goes back many centuries, Gifting children during Christmas has always been one of the most highlight moments. Children all over the world will wake up on Christmas morning and then go to their Christmas tree where there will be a gift kept for them. Even in the movie, the toys given to kids as gifts bring immense joy to their faces.

What we like about the movie is that you will see kids do as many good deeds as possible to be in the good books of Klaus! Being in his good books will also mean that you will get a gift for sure.


Writing Letters to Santa

As traditions go, children all over the world do write letters to Santa who is rumored to stay in the North Pole along with his reindeer and toy-making staff. In the movie too you will see how the postman Jesper convinces children in the neighborhood to start writing a letter to get a gift.

What we like about the movie is that they’ve tried to keep the tradition of writing alive in today’s digital age. Kids don’t write as much as they used to because of using more of their smartphones. Hence the idea of reintroducing this concept does make sense.


The Genesis of Santa Klaus

When you watch the movie, Klaus, you will hear a magical story with its ups and downs. You will see many kids who are sad and then become happy with gifts. There’s so much happening and people don’t notice that the makers are showing their version of how Santa Klaus was meant to be!

What we like throughout the movie is how you won’t realize what this story is about. It might look like the story of the main lead actor (Jesper) or even about kids who don’t know why to celebrate Christmas! But it’s also possible that the story revolves around Santa Klaus!


There’s a lot of happiness and vibrant feelings associated with this movie and hence this Christmas, we only wish that you watch Klaus and bring the Christmas feeling straight into your heart! So do watch it if you haven’t already!