Top Yoga Accessories

Yogi Bare Paws Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 4mm – Wave

Supported with two years of technology research, this photographic sea printed yoga mat helps channelize your inner flow.

Yoga Studio Cork Unbranded Massage Ball

This cork made massage ball is the ideal ball size for fascia self-massage that relieves muscle tension as it increases blood circulation.

Yoga accessories are not only needed to perform difficult poses that might be dangerous without support but can also make training easier for amateurs who need to train their body to the demands of yoga.

If you have been doing yoga for a while now, it is common knowledge that sometimes you require assistance to go that extra stretch.

Yoga Studio D-Ring 2.5m Yoga Belt Strap

MONO Skincare Yoga Mat Cleaning Pschitt!

Even when you are the only person using your yoga mat, it builds a deposit of stains, dirt, sweat, make up, etc over time.

One of the most pertinent hygiene issues that yoga lovers face is their mat getting dirty before and after their session.

Yoga Studio Yoga Mat Unbranded Strap Carrier

The basic necessities required to practise yoga are a yoga mat and appropriate clothing. On a more advanced level, people also use yoga bands, balls and other exercising equipment to assist with more difficult poses and exercises.


Yoga Accessories