How To Find A Kiosk To Participate In The Draw And Be A Mahzooz Winner

What exactly is Mahzooz?

Mahzooz is nothing, but a weekly charity game through which you can earn a cash prize of up to 1 million AED.

How to Play ?

To make a Kiosk entry or be a Mahzooz winner, Swipe Up to know More

How to win the draw?

Ensure that you have a good amount of credit balance in your account so that you can test your luck again and again.

How Do You Get Your Winnings?

To gain access to your account, enter your login information.

What are the entry requirements for Mahzooz?

Here is the list of prerequisites for entering Mahzooz Swipe Up Now!

Is the Mahzooz Winner taxed in Dubai?

UAE is a tax-free country, we recommend that you consult with a specialized, well-known, and trusted lawyer to guarantee that everything goes smoothly.