Netflix has gotten us a diverse range of TV series with practically every human emotion! Whether its love, anger, friendship, mental illness, hatred or even obsession. They released “YOU” in 2018 and since then this series has garnered fans across the world.

What’s “YOU” about? It’s a series that follows the life of a bookstore manager who gets obsessed with a graduating student. Starring Penn Badgley as the stalker and Elizabeth Lail as the student, you will see a non-typical love story where obsession gets as dangerous as possible with each episode.

Maybe our words won’t make sense now but don’t worry as we have 6 unique reasons why we think you should watch the series “YOU”. So read on below and be ready to get intrigued!


‘YOU’ the series is based on a book

Yes! YOU the series is based on a book published in 2015, written by author Caroline Kepnes. The readers gave an amazing response and within 3 years, it got converted into a TV series picked up by Netflix.

What we like about books being converted into a series is that fans who love the series can always get the book and read it as there will be multiple Easter eggs and a lot of content that might not have been added to the series due to episode time issues!


Penn Badgley of course!

What’s the point of a stalker show if he can’t pull off the character well? Penn Badgley for sure has got his act right and when you see him on screen, he will be everything for you right from the cute bookstore manager who can change into a creep and stalker within the blink of an eye!

What we like about Penn Badgley is how authentically he has portrayed the character with each episode! At some point, you might feel empathetic for his character!


The obsession with New Heights

You will notice the story being told from stalker Joe’s point of view. His character is so complex that you’ll be confused about whether to love him or run scared. His obsession with following her, getting all her social media updates to show how easy it is for someone to just make their way into your life.

What we like about this series is how they’ve shown the dangerous effects of being careless on your laptop/social media today.


“YOU” is getting good reviews

It’s not at all surprising to see “YOU” getting good reviews all over the world. Whether it’s social media or even “Rotten Tomatoes”, this series has a critic score of 93% and an audience score of 78%. Moving over to IMDB, this series has a 7.7 rating out of 10 which has been voted by more than 70k+ people.

What we like about the series is the response they have received from fans all over the world about this modern age concept!


You might be confused about your feelings toward the stalker

Throughout the series, you will see the attempts that Joe will make which is creepy and somewhat even criminal! But some time during the series you might find yourself rooting for him too even though his acts are not ethically good!

What we like about this series is how they’ve shown the obsession from the stalker’s point of view and all the emotions he goes through! You might have a soft spot for him.


Rejoice as “YOU” will have a 2nd season

We are stoked to tell you that this series has been renewed for a 2nd season. Netflix saw the popularity of the show and hence there’s no surprise that they had to pick up this show & make one more season. Our favorite stalker will be back again doing what he does best… Follow!

What we like about this series is how a unique story with amazing actors created a masterpiece for the audience. You will surely not get enough of this series.


Season 2 of “YOU” will release on 26th December 2019 and hence you still have time to catch up with the first season. From what we hear, the 2nd season will get fiercer. So we request you to check out this creepy stalker series while there’s still time!