New Year’s Eve has always been the main event of the year! People all over the world will celebrate the last night of the year in grand style. Whether it’s Asia, the Americas or even Europe people will dance, watch their TV for the New Year countdown and some even burst firecrackers.

There are many events different countries hold during this time. We have singled down our list to 2 main places that we feel you must be during New Year’s Eve. We will explain the reasons below and are sure you’ll love them. So do read below and give it a thought as maybe you will witness the best New Year’s Eve ever!

New Zealand

Do you love nature and the sea? If you like anyone of them or perhaps even both, New Zealand is the place to visit. We say this because their local flora fauna is immensely rich. Whether it’s their forest reserves that spread across millions of hectares or even their local food and drink, New Zealand has everything that you need!

What we like about New Zealand is that the people here are very good and the place is very good health-wise! There’s no crowding and you will have an amazing time exploring attractions here. For “Lord of the Rings” fans, there are Hobbit styled houses that you can check out and admire!

Why visit New Zealand on New Year’s Eve?

You would be surprised to know that the first sunrise of the New Year in the world rises in New Zealand. Hence if you’re here on New Year’s Eve and are waiting for sunrise, you will be the first handful of people who will welcome the New Year! Isn’t that great?

You can look for multiple travel packages and stay in places where you can have a clear view! New Zealand is an experience and you can spend the last week here enjoying Christmas festivities and the grand New Year’s Eve.


Be surprised as Brazil is more special than it sounds! With over 1000 islands and 2000 beaches, Brazil is the unofficial party destination of the world. They have natural wonders like the Amazon rainforest, the Iguacu Falls and also more than 50 national wildlife parks! The people and culture are much acclaimed and hence people are very friendly here.

What we like about Brazil is that the people here are bright, happy and cheerful. They take care of nature, wildlife and every resident too. There’s a lot for you to explore right from their local flora fauna to their unique cuisine! Enjoy the football craze as the whole country loves it!

Why visit Brazil on New Year’s Eve?

Brazil is especially known for its carnival and party style. For New Year’s Eve, you can visit Copa Cabana beach and watch as the clock strikes 12, there will be fireworks! This is a view which people wait to view all over the world. Brazil does know how to party!

You can rent a place beside the beach or be at the beach as these fireworks light up the sky and welcome the New Year. Apart from all this, you can also enjoy all the carnivals, dance parties, and festivities from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve!


Overall, there are many places in the world where you can be during New Year’s Eve with Sydney, New York, and Dubai also making grand efforts. No matter where you are, visiting Brazil and New Zealand has unique benefits as we explained above!

So tell us where will you be (country) during New Year’s Eve 2019? Comment below with your answers and let us know!