Altered Carbon released on Netflix a couple of years ago and to date is still trending anytime you log in to their website or mobile app! If you’re wondering why then we are about to give you a synopsis that will blow your mind.

Set in the year 2384, humans can now live forever. You want to guess how? It’s simple. If you’re rich, then there is a service where you can download your consciousness into a new body. Please note two words that you’ll need to get used to 2 new words i.e. “Stacks” and “sleeves”.

A stack is like a USB drive that can be found on the back of your neck. It will have a person’s memory in it. A sleeve is a body! In case your sleeve gets old or suffers an accident etc, you can download yourself into a new sleeve and live a new life!

If you haven’t been hooked on already, we will give you 5 amazing reasons why you must watch Netflix’s Altered Carbon.


The author Richard Morgan is a living legend

Richard K. Morgan is a living legend and his work towards Altered Carbon will speak volumes of how he weaves such fantastic stories. You would be surprised to know that the book had released back in 2002. It took more than 15 years for him to see his story on screen.

What we like about Richard’s story is how the future can be anything and maybe his thoughts might shape us, humans, to be immortal! Wouldn’t that be spectacular?


Altered Carbon will raise multiple questions in your mind

Had you ever wondered that in the future, a human body might just become like a regular product; one that only a few values and the others don’t. If one gets injured or old, you can simply get another. There are so many questions that might enter your mind like,

  • How will the download process take place?
  • Will the rich live forever?
  • What if I am in a new body and see my old body face to face?

What we like about this series is how it increased the intuitive quotient of the audience as they are awestruck with a concept as such!


Science fiction at its best

There’s something about sci-fi movies and series. We always get surprised and shocked looking at such concepts. More often, the use of logic & science often paints a scary picture but here, it’s an altogether different game. You will remember earlier sci-fi movies like the Matrix when you see this.

What we like about Altered Carbon is how they’ve utilized science and on basis of a complex concept, explain a future that we might have where the rich are immortal and the poor just live a mortal life!


The cast is phenomenal and does justice to their roles

Shows like Altered carbon show a lot of diversity in their characters. You will see a man in a woman’s body and vice versa so the dialogues will be hilarious sometimes. Joel Kinnaman plays the lead role of “Takeshi”. Then we have James Purefoy who plays the role of Laurens Bancroft and badass ladies Martha Higareda, Renee Elise, Hayley Law that play major roles.

What we like about the casting is how perfect these guys look and their performances are proof that good content along with a talented cast can work wonders for any show.


The cinematography for Altered Carbon is legit AMAZING

Altered Carbon will show you a futuristic world that’s so lavish. The detailing is so fine you’ll be able to make the difference between the people suffering from poverty, the general crowd and the rich! What we can see here is that they’ve left no stone unturned and hence it’s a fine-tuned series.

What we like about Altered Carbon is how they’ve displayed the series sparing no expense so that the audience gets a clear view about the whole story-line and the possibility that this could happen in their future.