Las Vegas is not just a city, but also considered as one of the wildest experiences anyone can have in a lifetime. Considered to be the largest city of Nevada and also famously called the Sin City, Las Vegas has something for every visitor throughout the year.

You can visit them during summers, winters and the fun element will always remain the same. There are events throughout the year, wild parties, gambling in the best of casinos and also a city that has scenic beauty written all over it.

With December approaching, Las Vegas will be the party destination everyone on Earth will wish to visit. But there’s more to Vegas than just wild partying. Don’t believe us? Then read below as we will mention 5 unique things that only happen when you visit Las Vegas in December!


Las Vegas offers Pleasant weather

Let’s be honest here. No matter where we opt to go, the weather becomes a prime factor as anything that doesn’t accept with your body will not be a pleasant experience right? So we must tell you that Vegas during the day time can be more hot than usual as it’s located near the desert region but the nights are cold and you can experience temperatures ranging around 38°F to 55°F.

What we like about Las Vegas is that the temperatures are pleasant for the human body and hence you can walk around exploring the area, go hiking or explore via bike rides!


It’s Christmas season y’all

Las Vegas is decorated with Christmas lights, amazingly huge Christmas trees that are decorated with small toys, huge ornaments, and gift boxes! Every nook and corner of Vegas will give you the Christmas feeling and it’s a joy to be around. You can visit the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and check their Christmas décor. It’s worth every penny to visit!

What we like about Las Vegas is that they decorate the whole city to have a blast in the most festive month of the year i.e. December!


The best of parties are here in Vegas

It is common knowledge to understand that Las Vegas is the party capital of the world in December. There are tons of wild parties, concerts, and events planned throughout this joyous month. There is something for everyone and we mean it! If you’re going out with friends, then this will be one epic trip that will give you memories for a lifetime.

What we like about Vegas is that parties in Vegas are energetic & cannot be missed at any cost. For those who prefer silent settings, there are multiple parties for you too!


Unique Events

It’s not just parties but Las Vegas has amazing events throughout December. You can adore nature, go hiking, check out a museum, and attend workshops. There’s a lot to this place than just gambling and parties. You can check out the Las Vegas Santa Run that’s the largest ever run with people wearing a Santa costume. It’s for a good cause and you’ll find the whole street filled with people dressed as Santa! There’s also the Ice Rink at the cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for people that love ice skating & snow showers.

What we like about Las Vegas is that they have so many events throughout the month that you can do something every single day!


And finally…. The New Year’s Eve!

How can we not mention this beautiful day? It’s not just the Times Square, even Las Vegas has a spark of its own and millions of people will visit Vegas on the last day of the year and witness the fireworks as we welcome the New Year. You can check the whole strip of Vegas from the canyons or enjoy parties and sing along the countdown to New Year’s Eve.

What we like about Las Vegas is that each day in December raises the excitement level of people and as we near the New Year’s Eve, the whole of Vegas erupts. It’s an experience to remember!


So tell us, people, Have you ever visited Vegas or are planning to? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know!