Back in 2017, an American drama titled “The Sinner” debuted with amazing response from the audience and critics. The story was based on a German novel that had the same title. It was about a woman who is enjoying a day on the beach and all of a sudden goes into a fit of rage and kills a stranger in public sight.

The best part is that she doesn’t know why she even did it. This synopsis got people hooked on to the drama and ever since “The Sinner” has only got applause all the way. With one of the most talented casts ever to grace a Television show, “The Sinner” can hold your attention until the very end.

If you still aren’t convinced why we are requesting you to watch “The Sinner” then here are 5 strong reasons why watching this show will be worth your time.


Outstanding Cast

An epic TV series can distribute its success among 2 strong factors namely the plot and the cast. Here too, in “The Sinner”, you will get to see a talented cast that takes the series to new heights. The main lead character (Cora Tannetti) that murders the stranger will be played by Jessica Biel. Christopher Abbott will play Mason, the husband of Biel’s character “Cora”. Finally, we have a legendary character in the form of Bill Pullman who plays the role of Detective Harry Ambrose.

What we like about “The Sinner” is how they’ve chosen quite the right characters for the series. They do a lot of justice to their parts and at some part of the show, they even outdo themselves.


Amazing Plot

As mentioned above, the series will begin with the Tannetti family enjoying the weekend at the lakeside beach. All of a sudden, Cora gets a sudden urge and she just gets up and stabs one stranger on the beach. The main reason for this is unknown to anyone, even Cora. The main question lies, “Why did she do it?”

What we like about “The Sinner” is how they’ve created a gripping plot and hence there’s a lot of thriller and mystery quotient. You too will want to know the reason why Cora did what she did!


Bill Pullman takes the role of a cop to new heights

Bill Pullman is a legend in its own right. He plays the role of a detective here. Hs life too is difficult with him trying to rebuild his marriage and also trying to solve this case. His stubbornness to solve and find the reason can get in the way of him having a complete family.

What we like about Bill Pullman in “The Sinner” is how he places himself in the character in such a way that you feel he’s the actual person. His acting skills can be seen to the hilt and it is thoroughly classy!


Cora’s Back story

It’s always believed that whatever people do in their adult days can directly be related to the way they raised and the childhood they had. What you also should know here is that in mid-season you will get to see Cora’s back story and it will make you understand why she grew up like this. There might even be a clue for her becoming a murderer.

What we like about “The Sinner” is the backstories. It helps the audience understand the traits of the character and how they behave in the present is directly related to their childhood.


Surprise – There’s an Ending too

For those who thought, the season will end on a cliff-hanger, we have a small spoiler for you. It won’t! There is a huge plot with backstories and there will be an ending too. Isn’t that great? We won’t just see a murder and investigation. There will be a result. That’s what makes “The Sinner” special.

What we like about “The Sinner” is that the build-up they create of the murder, childhood and even the investigation is quite a sight. It’s worth binge-watching and hence we request you to go ahead and watch Cora’s story. As a bonus point, we would love to let you know that “The Sinner” has 2 more seasons that total into 3 seasons. Catch them all on Netflix today!