Some TV series are gems that are too rare and must be treasured. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has slowly but steadily turned out to be that diamond that kept getting brighter and priceless! The roller coaster of a series went on for 5 dubious seasons before its surprise cancellation! Yes, the show was not renewed!

But within a matter of few hours, NBC decided to pick it up and ahem! We have a 6th season coming up! The show has been notorious for its one-liner, funny scenes and brilliant writing. But if you’re still looking for some validation, then sit back and chill as we will give you 5 glorious reasons why you must watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Amazing Character Development

The one thing that we look for in any series or movie is the way their characters develop over different seasons. What’s the point if the character does the same thing each time for years! With Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you will see amazing character development for each character as they learn new things, stumble on their past, struggle at work, take help and somehow live to work another day!

What we like about the series is how they’ve shown each lead and supporting character as today’s humans who need help and aren’t ashamed to ask for it.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is very relevant today

Don’t just think this is a comedy show! It is much more than that. Over the years we have seen this series pick-up social issues and address issues like the gay people coming out in the open, racial profiling effects on the suspect and their family. It’s good for our society when such series and movies pick up these topics so there can be awareness!

What we like about this series is how they add a bit of humor in all these situations which do bring a smile on each face!


There’s Diversity overall

While we agree that the gender-pay parity and equal representation is still some time away, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is bridging that gap slowly and steadily. The cast too has been picked up in such a diverse manner so no ethnic community or race feels left out or dejected. There are white and black men/women, people from the Latina community and many more. Not spoiling anything for you but there’s a gay and bisexual character too!

What we like about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is how they have carefully chosen each character and made them look more human than ever!


Women in Brooklyn Nine-Nine are more bad-ass!

All hail the bad-ass women in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They are not side-kicks to the male characters to the series. They are much more than that. You will be surprised by their character development, the stories that revolve around them and sometimes, the whole episode might be purely focused on a female character. What makes this a special bond is that you’ll see them empowering each other and having each other’s backs in every situation.

What we like about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that they’ve shown their women to be kick-ass and responsible adults that work and maintain a work-life balance with their relationships.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has more realistic relationships

You will see every realistic relationship that we have witnessed in real life on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Straight, gay, friends with benefits, marriages and even divorces are covered throughout the series. You will be in for a journey filled with love as you see some characters fall in love. No matter what the ending is, they’ve ensured no one feels alone!

What we like about this series is how they’ve given us a reality check about relationships in today’s age. When you watch these love stories, you’re bound to relate to it.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show for the masses that has been created for today’s people. You’ll see happiness, tears, anger and real-life situations unfold right in front of your eyes. Sometimes you’ll relate to it and sometimes you’ll learn something new. But whatever happens, you’ll always enjoy Brooklyn Nine-Nine!