Arrival might have released back in 2016 but it still can be found on Netflix’s trending list and rightly so. This is because some say it might be the best sci-fi movie of this decade. The storyline, actors and even the plot will catch your attention.

The movie revolves around Earth where 12 gigantic spaceships have arrived and are just still. They use the help of a Linguistics professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams) to understand and converse with these aliens. Through this conversation, they aim to understand if the spaceships are here to attack us or do they have an ulterior motive.

As we see the story progress, Banks and her team will do their best in understanding the new language of the visitors. There’s a chance that they might die too. There’s a lot more of this movie than meets the eye. Hence we have found 4 amazing and exciting reasons why Arrival is one of the best sci-fi movies that you can watch this decade!


Arrival will make you think harder than ever

First off please don’t get scared of this movie if you think it’s for the geeks and brainy people. No! Arrival is much more than that and you will be rather intrigued with the story within the first 30 minutes itself. The best part of Arrival is that it will leave you with thoughts so deep, you’d end up thinking about the movie, time & space, even after you’re done watching it on Netflix.

What we like about Arrival is how it will leave you thinking the concept of time, space and even at some point, our memory! We are sure that you’ll have a group discussion post watching this movie.


This is not your average alien movie

When the movie starts and the 12 spaceships enter the scene, you might have a déjà vu moment and remember the movie Independence Day! We agree these movies do share a little bit of similarity but it all ends with this scene. This is a movie where people wish to understand and converse with the aliens to understand their purpose to enter Earth.

What we like about the aliens is how they emit a black smoke that creates circular symbols (their language) and among each other, they do converse too! It’s quite different from any alien movie you have ever seen.

“Arrival” is based on a 40-page novella entitled, “The Story of Your Life,” written by Ted Chaing, which has the same basic premise and characters as the movie.


The language of the aliens has been displayed very well

Based on a short story in 1998 titled “The Story of Your Life” by Ted Chaing the movie went one step ahead and created a language as complex as we can imagine. They will use their elephant-like tentacles to generate ink that will spray on glass and make a circular shape. Then Louise and Ian will use an erase-board and try communicating back!

What we like about the alien language is how beautiful and unique it looks. It takes a whole team of linguists to decode even a single word/symbol. The more they understand the language, the more it will get interesting for us.


Denis Villeneuve knows sci-fi

You must research well before creating any story. Denis Villeneuve is the mastermind behind Arrival and he’s done a fabulous job. The movie in its right can be termed as one of the best sci-fi movies of this decade. It easily matches every legendary movie and in some portions also surpasses them all. We respect the work and efforts put in by Villeneuve’s team and you will too.

What we like about “Arrival” is that the direction and story screenplay of the movie is astounding and gives you no moment of distraction. You will always concentrate and enjoy this unique story on our contact with aliens….Again!