Dark came out as a supernatural show that would rattle you to your core. The plot sounds very simple where a town witnesses a child’s disappearance. The whole community is shaken with this and thus starts with finding the logic behind this disappearance.

What you will see in Dark can be found in different movies or tv series but that’s what makes them special. You will find everything in this series itself. Whether its time travel, past, nuclear plants, etc, they have it all. Just see this as a German way of show Stranger Things, West world and Chernobyl combined! Oh yeah, imagine the combination of these three shows in one!

Set in a fictional town in Germany called Winden, this story is worth watching on Netflix and we will give you 5 strong reasons for that.


Watch it, remember facts and you will reap the rewards

Dark is such a series where there are lots of complicated stories. You must stay focused as much as possible if you wish to understand the outcome of each situation. There might be few relationships that were quite twisted in the early childhood days and in time, they might untangle. If you don’t know about the past, then the result won’t make sense to you.

What we like about the series is how they make these backstories and without disrupting the flow of the plot, get a smart result. The audience feels rewarded when they see something get solved or when they get the logic behind a move.


Dark is like a twisted combination of two epic series

Okay, this isn’t a major spoiler but Dark is like a weird combination of two epic series namely “Lost” and ” Stranger Things”. Yes, we mean every word that we said. You will see supernatural forces, dark forces, twisted people with an agenda all together wrapped in this German town.

What we like about Dark is how they’ve taken references from a variety of shows and still have come up with their unique style of story-telling. It’s also fierce, scary and the same time intriguing so it would be dumb for anyone to not watch this show.


Time travel with logic = Dark

Now we’ve seen tons of movies and TV series over the past few decades who’ve tried decoding time travel with their logic. Some make sense and some don’t. In Dark, they have set a pretty good foundation for a time travel story. Look at it in a way that Dark is a complicated time travel story that is so complicated that only time travel will be logical to derive the result.

What we like about Dark is how they’ve used time travel and how nothing gets messed up in the story-telling. Think of this as a puzzle with a timer and you’ll be fine.


Dark has a lot of personal drama too

Drak is not just about supernatural forces and time travel. It is also about people in general with complicated relationships. Some are good and some are terrible in the way they live their lives and treat people close to them. Now, what we like about Dark is that each character goes through some turmoil and you surely will empathize with each character at some point in time.

What we like about Dark is how they’ve shown humans and their emotions that connect very well with the audience. No matter what you do, you will feel for each character during the series.


Time travel in Dark is like nothing you were prepared for

Let’s just say that when few characters will discuss time travel in Dark, they might refer to themselves as God or an Omni powered presence. Yes, you have never seen anything like this ever before and hence we request you to be prepared as Dark is something that demands attention and concentration.

What we like about this Netflix series is how they’ve taken a serious topic and used the right amount of story-telling to make it viewable for the audiences. You will not regret it at all and hence we want you to watch this as soon as you can.