Directed by Stefon Bristol, “See You Yesterday” released a few months ago with mixed responses. It is not usual to see a time travel movie shot in a black neighborhood. Moreover, you could term this movie as a sci-fi, nerd based time travel movie where kids will try and save the day.

Has it caught your attention yet? If no, then we must tell you about the kind of issues that this movie presses on. They raise alarms on police brutality, social issues in the black neighborhood and harsh realities in life as we know it.

Together, the two lead characters will look to change something that will change reality forever. Get ready to remember movies like “Back to the Future” & Spy Kids as we will give you 5 good reasons why you must watch “See You Yesterday” on Netflix.


Eden Duncan Smith and Dante Crichlow

Let’s begin our first major reason as the lead pair of 20-year-olds – Eden Duncan Smith and Dante Crichlow. These actors play the role of smart nerdy students that are loyal, stylish and are also impulsive. They are Black too and live in Brooklyn in a neighborhood that is race friendly.

What we like about this movie is how they’ve not taken stereotypical based actors for a time travel movie and took a bold move to show students from another race. What you must appreciate about them is the fact that they created a time machine in their sophomore year!


Not your regular time travel story

For those expecting a typical time travel movie, let us tell you this is not the case. Yes, the students will go through an event that will shake their life and bring a lot of sadness. But do they feel bad about it? No. They build a time machine and try to change that one event. f

What we like about the movie is how they’ve shown the motive of the teenagers with respect to their age. With a time machine, they can do a lot than just change that one event. But due to them being stubborn and childish teenagers, they choose to just change one event that took place a day before!

Time Travel concepts in 2019 movies have worked well

We have seen a quantum realm styled time travel movie set played by the Avengers in the last movie of the series. It did catch the interest of people all over the world. Hence post that, a movie like “See You Yesterday” was bound to be in the news as the whole movie is based on Time travel concepts. Here too they will look to jump back 24 hours and will get a 10-minute window to change a bad event that took place the previous day!

What we like about the movie is how they’ve shown time travel in totality and how most of the movie makes sense because they travel back. The climax is worth watching and it will indeed blow your mind.


Gun violence and Police brutality

It is the 21st century and mankind has developed ahead of its time. Growth is high, skills have developed and so has violence. We all know how the United States accounts for higher gun violence and also side by side police brutality towards people of a different race. This movie has displayed such serious issues for which we are really proud!

What we like about See You Yesterday is that you will see social issues that have not been displayed a lot in such kind of movies. So it will be refreshing to see such topics being brought out in the open.


A sci-fi movie full of stubbornness

Most of the stories that we see have a motive behind it. It’s been said that stubbornness often is more motivational than being disastrous. Stubborn people often don’t stop until they get their desired result. Even in this movie, you will see the stubbornness in these young adults as they will not stop until they go back and change time!

What we like about this whole movie is how they’ve shown various facets like sci-fi, stubbornness, and race and social issues mixed up into one beautiful movie. Hence we urge you to check it out.