Working in a professional environment can be intimidating. Office politics can be tough to deal with, and women have the additional problem of dealing with eyes scrutinizing their outfits. When you walk into your office, you’ll want to impress your superiors with your work. There’s no denying that looking glamorous helps raise your confidence. 

This article will take you through wardrobe essentials for every working woman. Stock these in your wardrobe to make your office style comfortable and effortless. 


The two wardrobe essentials in the footwear section is a pair of comfortable heels and flats. There are two things to remember when you go shopping for work heels. First, choose a colour you can wear with multiple outfits. This means black, nude, and grey should be your first priority. Second, choose something you’re comfortable in. There’s no point in looking great if discomfort puts a constant grimace on your face. While heels are more glamorous looking, flats are more suited if you’re on your feet a lot. The best option is the ballet flat. These can be paired with any outfit, be it skirts, pants, or simple day dresses. 


Pencil Skirt

Any working woman will agree that pencil skirts are her best friend. You can wear them with a blouse, cardigan, blazer or even simple tees. A front-buttoned blouse looks great tucked into pencil skirts. While they are extremely flattering, it’s important to check the fitting. If too tight, they bring out panty lines and bunch up the skin around your thighs and waist. 



A working woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of comfortable pants. If worn with a button-down blouse, they look chic and paired with a simple tee they’re your ticket to a stylish ensemble. The key is to make sure they’re not too tight or baggy. A fresh trend in pants is cropped ones, which fuse together professional and casual in a very attractive manner. 


We can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to have simple blouses. Your wardrobe must have at least one in white. For a fully professional look, style it with a pencil skirt. If your office set up is a little casual, you can just wear it tucked into jeans or pants. When you buy the blouse, make sure it’s not too sheer or tight. Blouses with ruffles along the collar or sleeves are also a great option. 



This is one item you can’t go wrong with. If you work in a corporate office, you must own a black blazer, and keep it in your office. It is a wardrobe essential because this single item of clothing can turn any outfit into a formal one. Even casual T-shirts and tank tops look more professional with a blazer. Not to forget, blazers are an ideal choice for adding layers to any outfit. 

Short-sleeved Dress


 Many women hesitate with dresses since they are considered not office material. But a skirt with short sleeves which have a simple cut can look very professional. The key is to have the right sleeve pattern. Cap sleeves, puffed sleeves, butterfly sleeves, and petal sleeves are some that you can try safely. For the workplace, it’s best to avoid loud patterns. If you’re going for a solid dress, you can experiment with the shades, even opt for bold shades. The obvious essential is, of course, a dress in black. Sleek and classy, you can make this your go-to outfit for work meetings. 

Tote Bag


A tote bag is chic and ideal for any working woman. Women tend to carry more things than men. You can fit everything into a right-sized tote bag. Of course, that doesn’t mean you carry one as big as your torso. If you tend to carry your wallet, laptops or other electronics, buy one that has a zipper so that you don’t drop anything. 

The essentials listed above can be used to style new outfits every day. Some other trendy options are a pair of dark denim, simple studs (if you wear earrings), basic cardigans and loafers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. That’s how you find great outfits!