Let’s be honest, as much as most of us women love makeup, applying it is no easy task. So isn’t it oh-so-annoying when you have to refresh and reapply every few hours? Even the so-called all day long lipsticks wear off over the day. So yeah, there’s nothing more annoying than makeup that wears off quickly. So here in this article, we’ve listed out a few tricks you must try to make your makeup lasts as long as the whole day.


Exfoliate Regularly

The key to good makeup application is healthy skin. The key to healthy skin is exfoliation. So exfoliate regularly. Even if with a mild exfoliator or scrub, you should exfoliate between 2-3 times a week, depending on your lifestyle and skin type. Exfoliation makes the skin smoother, which means the makeup is applied evenly.


Moisturize Properly

 Keeping your skin moisturized is very important. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Before you start with any makeup, moisturize your skin well. Not doing so makes the skin flaky so you won’t be able to apply your makeup properly. Plus, the makeup will start to cake-up in places and form patches and lines. Moisturize before you sleep once you’ve washed your face as well.



Once you’ve moisturized your skin, apply a good quality primer that suits your skin type. The primer seals in the moisture and further ensures a smooth surface for any makeup to be applied. For the skin on your eyelids, use a separate one since the skin there is more delicate.


Layer Smartly

 Layering makeup plays a very important role and has to be done carefully. The first thing is to build it n lighter layers. A single heavy layer will not last long and it often ends us looking unnatural. Whether your base, lipstick or eye makeup, this trick should be kept in mind for it all.


Do Your Lips Properly

 One of the biggest problems with applying lipstick is that it bleeds. To avoid that, follow these steps. First of all, use a lip liner in the same shade to outline your lips. Once the outline is set, use a lip brush to fill in your lips with the color. Don’t apply heavy layers, stick to light ones. Once done, seal it is with a pencil. You can also use a lip powder to make it last longer.


Invest in a Makeup Setting Spray or powder

These are pretty much like a hairspray for the face. Once you’ve done your makeup, spritz on a little bit to seal the deal. Don’t wait till you get to your office bathroom, just do it once your makeup is done! If you’re not comfortable with a setting spar, you can also use a setting powder. These come in pigmented shades, however, a translucent loose setting powder works better.


Don’t Touch your Face

There’s often an irresistible urge to touch your face, make sure the makeup is on. Most of the time it is unconscious. But every time you touch face you spread germs, dirt AND ruin your makeup. No amount of long-lasting products or makeup hacks protect against smudging because you pick at your skin or rub your eyes.


Go Waterproof Wherever Possible

A lot of eye makeup comes in waterproof options. If you use mascara regularly or even, always use the waterproof kind. Otherwise, it’ll run off and smudge easily, which will ruin your look. Eyeliner is another eye makeup product you should always get the waterproof variant of.


Blot, Don’t Reapply

Over the day, you’ll be tempted to reapply when your makeup starts to reapply. Avoid that and try to blot as much as possible. Fresh layers without prepping your skin can make your makeup get all clumpy and cakey.

When buying your makeup make sure you buy products suited to your skin. Otherwise, no matter how expensive or long-lasting, it won’t stay and it’ll look tacky. The important tip is to take care of your skin!